• Good Day Everyone!
    My name is Mike, my wife and I recently decided on getting a Basenji (really it was me who was like ok this is my version of a perfect dog) individually we have had dogs in the past, rotts, german shepherds, chihuahuas, and golden retrievers.
    It was time for our 1st dog as a couple, We picked up Jaxx on March 12th, He just turned 4 months in April, the breeder was an interesting experience. Important part is he is completely healthy as far as we know so far, asides from a slight possible run in with worms (tape) he just finished getting his last set of shots and is ready to take on the world in full force.
    I've already learned sooo much from just browsing the forums. I look forward to learning more and participating as well
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  • Hello Mike and welcome to the forum. Basenjis are quite addictive! Jaxx looks like a real sweetheart. Enjoy!

  • Oh my goodness, cuteness overload!

    Welcome to the forum!

  • Thanks!
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  • Hello and Welcome..... Cute baby. Many of us are related by our Basenjis, can you share his breeding (Sire and Dam's registered names) and his breeder? Curious to hear your experiences with the breeder. Hopefully his sire and dam were DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA. If not you can order the DNA test at www.offa.org. It is a cheek swab that you do yourself.

  • @tanza thanks for the link that page is alil hard to navigate I am super curious on ordering a swab kit, just not sure which one that is, when ever you have to further guide me I would forever be grateful...

  • @JaxxnBeer - go to this link http://www.ofa.org/dnatesting/kits.html and then on the left hand side where it says OFA/MU DNA Tests and scroll down to the one that says "Fanconi" and then to the one that say PRA (Basenji) - click on each one and you will go to the order page.

    Hope that helps. Does this mean that the Sire and Dam have not been tested?

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