• Hi my name is Mark I live on the east coast of the United States, I just bought myself a 10.5 weeks old bridel basenji last nite…..

  • welcome! from one east coaster to another!

  • Congrats Mark. Is this your first Basenji? Post some pics when you can.

  • Welcome Mark!! I'm from the East Coast too!! What's your pooch's name?? And can we see some pics?? I also have a brindle Basenji his name is C3PO

  • Thank you….......looking foward to learning from this site...

  • I have not thought of a name yet…...she will have one by the end of the week.......and will have pic's

  • Hey, welcome to the basenji forum. I too am from the east coast, and I have one 10 month old girl named Sahara. She is the sweetest thing, I love this breed. They take some patience but they are well worth the effort, they give back soooooo much.

  • Welcome Mark. I am east coast too… Georgia.
    Where did you get your pup from?

    LOL get ready for a real ride! Have you ever owned a senji before?

  • Hi Mark and welcome to forums… congrats on ur new family member... hope to see ur lil bundle of fur soon...

  • thank you…....I will have pic,s soon.....I got her from Mata Hauri Basenjis.....She is a breeder here in NH......and thats a no on owning one before.....

  • welcome Mark

  • Welcome to the forum. I am an east coaster too, in Tennessee. I, like everyone else, am anxious to see pictures… post them soon.

  • Hi Mark and welcome. You will learn lots here! I have and it is my first time owning a basenji and dog!!!

  • Welcome! I bought Nala from Debbie Hauri too. She is our first as well! I'll be posting pictures too. Another Basenji in the snow (let's hope we get some soon!)

  • Nala..when did get yours… from Hauri...

  • Her DOB is 12/14/1998…we picked her up in early February 1999! She's a pretty little tri. I looked into breeders in the area and called Debbie. We arranged to meet at the dog show in Essex, VT in the summer of 1998 and gave her a deposit for a red & white female, but one of her dogs didn't take and she ended up with only red & white males and we really wanted a female. We're happy with her no matter what her color!
    You'll have fun with your pup in the snow...looking forward to seeing pictures!

  • Hi Sharon…..We got her this past tuesday.
    she was born 9/26/06.
    we have named her Cali...she is a bridle....I just have to figure on how to post pic's

    she had 3 females and 1 male.......2 red female and 1 male and female brindle....we took the female brindle.....they were all playful...Cali was shy at first..but warmed up quickly.....

  • What a great name! I know there is another on the forum as well…
    It was so hard to choose which puppy - they were all so darn cute! We chose Nala because she came up to us and the others were all playing with each other. We live in Huntington, VT and the 2 hours ride home with her is one of my fondest memories. We brought a fleece blanket and had some sherpa-type toys and she stayed on my lap and played and snuggled.
    Enjoy her puppyhood and get into a good obedience class right away. I neglected to do that and she's had some socialization issues,e speically on leash with other dogs. Others on the forum might want to give more advice as to how to choose a class or trainer...
    I finally posted some pictures...check under "Show off Your Dog" (or whatever it is exactly!) Just browse around the "help" section for assistance in posting pictures! If I can do it, anyone can!!

  • Hi Mark
    welcome to the Forum…I'm from Brisbane Australia and have a 5 1/2 mth old Basenji male and a 2 yr old Lowchen male....can't wait to see some pics

  • Welcome! I'm new here, too, but I'm on the West Coast!

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