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Thanks Patty. We are loving her to pieces. She's as sweet as she looks too! Took her to the vet again today because where she was spayed isn't completely closed. She was the hit of the office again today with everyone asking what she is. I just told them that she's probably a Chihuahua mixed with a whole lot of cute and it could have happened while she was flying around in the tornado. 😉 Two people wanted to know if she was a Basenji. It's that tail that prompts the Basenji questions, that and the way she poses.

What ever she is, she's ours and she's here to stay for a very long time (I hope).

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Oh how funny those Vastogotaspets look. My daughter is over here and they used to have a Corgi (died at a ripe old age). I showed her the pictures of the Vas's knowing just what she would say… they look just like Corgi/Shepard mixes... and that's exactly what she said. They do look like Corgi mixes. I wonder if they come from the same part of the world?'s official. I'm just going to say when people ask what she is that she's a Chihuahua mixed with a whole lot of cute who was well blended by an EF5 tornado and lived to bark about it.

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Curlytails, if those are your fur kids, they are a handsome pair!

Ok, here's three more of JT's pictures. To me a Shiba Inu is a lot like one of our thick haired Northern Breeds. I had a Malamute mix and he shed throughout the year, although heavier during spring for sure. This guy is totally nonshedding and her hair is even to short to try to comb. I do hope you are wrong about an undercoat developing. My husband wouldn't be happy if she went from a non shedder to a shedder.

Today the vet suggested that she could have a Chihuahua parent and a Shiba/Basenji Mixed parent. He said this after I said I coudn't make up my mind what I see, that I see both in her. I think the man is a politician.

If I ever get rich, I'll have her DNA tested, but I won't hold my breath (about getting rich anytime soon).

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You guys are great!

Ok, so not Basenji then, but I'm still not sold on Shiba Inu…she doesn't have any inkling of an undercoat and she barely sheds at all. Her hair may look long but it's actually short. You can't run your fingers through it. She does bound like a deer when she's running..that should say something, but I'm not sure what.

So I'll have to go with the poster who says Chi and some other type dog. Now I just need to find another type dog that looks like a fox, since everyone says that's what she looks like and I totally agree, except for that that curly tail. Is it possible for fox to breed with a dog? LOL!

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Hi all! I posted yesterday in the newbie thread about my Joplin Tornado adopted dog. Thanks for all the welcomes. Friendly board you have here!

The Joplin Shelter had identified her as a Basenji Mix and I was checking that theory out. It looks like the opinions here were mixed..some thinking yes, others thinking Shibu Inu…

Well, I got a call today and they said her spaying was done and I could come and get her. Turns out she's a real doll and we're very lucky. Hasn't gone in the house, sheds hardly at all, moved right into our hearts immediately!

The Adoptathon was a whirlwind needless to say. Iimage adopting out 745 dogs and cats in two days. You had to choose your pet without really knowing much about them. It's, I'll take this one before someone else does, really. But we got really lucky on JT. She's soooooo sweet. So far no accidents in the house, doesn't shed much, and is absolutely loving and she's only growled at our other dog a couple of times. He wants to keep sniffing her and she doesn't want him to. They started to play by the end of the evening but I had to break it up since she's just been spayed. It looks like she's going to be a great fit! Oh, yes, she's as small as I remember, about 7 pounds...absolutely adorable!

I've more pictures. I've been looking at Shiba Inu's and I only see that breed in the face. Not anywhere else. She's not hairy fluffy enough, legs are too long and strait, coloring isn't right, tail is all wrong (when she's prancing it's tight laying on the back piggy type tail, tighter then the picture). Chihuahua most likely because of her size and I'd say her ears are Chi... but with the coloring, the long strait legs and the tail, I'm thinking that says Basenji or something I've missed.

So what do you all a think with these new pictures (there are two others in the introductions thread). Thanks for any opinions you might have. I know I could have her DNA tested, but the cost really isn't worth it. Besides, it's more fun to guess.

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Wow…never thought Shiba Inu so went to look and found similiar looking dogs identified as Shiba Inu / Basenji Mixes. It all fits, with the exception of size. Both those breeds are nearly 3 times the size of this dog...this little girl is about 7 pounds and as they says he's an adult, at least a year old, I dont' expect her to grow any larger. How would this happen with a mix of two dogs that are in the 20 pound range?

I do agree that the face fits the Sheba Inu better, and the hair, but the coloring and legs are those of the Basenji, and the white tip on the end of the tail.

I will be studying both breeds now though, since I now clearly see both in there. This is going to be an interesting dog to get to know I have a feeling. Can't wait for her to come home!

Thanks everyone!!

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I'm about to become a momma to, what I'm told, is a Basenji Mix around 1 year old give or take a bit. She's a rescue from the Joplin, Mo Tornado Pet Adoptathon "There's No Place Like Home" event over the weekend. It was fantastic. Over 745 tornado displaced dogs and cats all found new homes. Not surprising since well over 2000 people from 26 different states attended the two day event.

Most new owners were able to take their new fur kids home that day, but but a few of us have to wait, since they ran out of time getting all the pets spayed/nutered and microchipped. I won't be able to pick up my new little girl until Friday so I'm planning on spending much of that time getting ready for her. That means talking to my 3 year old Papillion Mix and trying to get him to understand that he's getting a little sister (that's not going well so far…I don't think he's really that interested...yet).

It also means learning all I can about her heritage so we will know what to expect and how to treat her. Not sure what' she's mixed with, but she's small so we're guessing Chihuahua... I'm posting here here and you guys tell me what you think. Her tail does curl right up over her back and is tipped in white. In the picture she's holding it loose, but I say her holding it like a pigs tail, all wound up like the Basenji. I venture a guess that she weighs about 7 pounds or so much smaller then the Basenji and her hair is kind of course and longer then the Basenji. They guessed by the looks of her teeth that she's around 1 year old.

So, how about taking a look and telling me what you think? Her name is JT (short for Joplin Tornado).

Thanks All!

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