• Hi,

    I'm about to become a momma to, what I'm told, is a Basenji Mix around 1 year old give or take a bit. She's a rescue from the Joplin, Mo Tornado Pet Adoptathon "There's No Place Like Home" event over the weekend. It was fantastic. Over 745 tornado displaced dogs and cats all found new homes. Not surprising since well over 2000 people from 26 different states attended the two day event.

    Most new owners were able to take their new fur kids home that day, but but a few of us have to wait, since they ran out of time getting all the pets spayed/nutered and microchipped. I won't be able to pick up my new little girl until Friday so I'm planning on spending much of that time getting ready for her. That means talking to my 3 year old Papillion Mix and trying to get him to understand that he's getting a little sister (that's not going well so far…I don't think he's really that interested...yet).

    It also means learning all I can about her heritage so we will know what to expect and how to treat her. Not sure what' she's mixed with, but she's small so we're guessing Chihuahua... I'm posting here here and you guys tell me what you think. Her tail does curl right up over her back and is tipped in white. In the picture she's holding it loose, but I say her holding it like a pigs tail, all wound up like the Basenji. I venture a guess that she weighs about 7 pounds or so much smaller then the Basenji and her hair is kind of course and longer then the Basenji. They guessed by the looks of her teeth that she's around 1 year old.

    So, how about taking a look and telling me what you think? Her name is JT (short for Joplin Tornado).

    Thanks All!

  • What an absolute doll! I think it's possible she is a B mix especially with that tail, some of the breeders might have a more technical analysis but in any case she is really cute. You can a bit of growling or snarking when she gets home because dogs need to work out their position in their new homes. Bs are extremely intelligent and they enjoy a bit of mischief - I would bet she would give you some. 😃 Congrats on your new addition !

  • Looks more like a Shiba mix? But still very cute

  • @tanza:

    Looks more like a Shiba mix? But still very cute

    That was my first thought, too. Whatever she is, she's a doll!

  • I really don't see basenji in her, but gosh what an absolute cutie!

  • Well a Shiba is just a B with more fur 😉

  • @Schouiffy:

    Well a Shiba is just a B with more fur 😉

    Yes….. I agree a Basenji with a "pelt!"

  • With her being so short you should not have to worry about table/counter surfing, but if you leave a chair or stool out, that might just change! Bs love paper so trashcans are on their list of things to explore, and my husband swears ours have a toliet paper gene defiency and that is why they are forever into the stuff. She is a cutie, enjoy!

  • So happy to hear all the tornado rescues found homes, I'm sure she will adapt quickly to her new home. Basenjis are wonderful house dogs. I'm sure she will find a nice place on your couch and in your heart.

  • First Basenji's

    I also see a shiba mix! The texture of her fur, shape of her ears, and poof of tail curl makes me lean towards Shiba… She has a cute little face and mask.

  • Welcome to the forum. I wouldn't thnk that she's a basenji mix either but then photographs can be misleading. She looks a real sweetie any way.

    Thank goodness that so many dogs were found homes - it's wonderful.

  • Wow…never thought Shiba Inu so went to look and found similiar looking dogs identified as Shiba Inu / Basenji Mixes. It all fits, with the exception of size. Both those breeds are nearly 3 times the size of this dog...this little girl is about 7 pounds and as they says he's an adult, at least a year old, I dont' expect her to grow any larger. How would this happen with a mix of two dogs that are in the 20 pound range?

    I do agree that the face fits the Sheba Inu better, and the hair, but the coloring and legs are those of the Basenji, and the white tip on the end of the tail.

    I will be studying both breeds now though, since I now clearly see both in there. This is going to be an interesting dog to get to know I have a feeling. Can't wait for her to come home!

    Thanks everyone!!

  • She is totally cute, no matter what she's mixed with. Welcome to the Forum.

  • I think she is probably a Shiba x Chihuahua mix. Whatever she is, she's a real cutiepie. 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    I agree with Robyn.

    I would also guess that her little size comes from some Chi background in her. And honestly, I've seen quite a few petite Shibas (say, 13-17 pounds), especially females. Lots of Shibas also have those fur marking/patterning and white-tipped tails, though it's not standard. The standard may say one thing, but there are a LOT of non-standard Shibas out there (I've seen countless examples out of MO puppy mills).

    Her background may remain be a mystery, but there's no doubt of how cute she is. Thank you for rescuing her.

  • Houston

    what a lovely little girl….thank you for giving her a new home..JT fits too..

  • Whatever she is, she's a little doll. It's nice to know that the displaced pups are finding such good homes.

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