• My name is Dana K and we have to wonderful Basenji's. A red girl named Moto Fopaw's Ayanna Anaya but known to all of us who love her as Blossom, and a tri boy named Trey Nkechi Olujimi, known to all who love him as Trey. We would be lost without them! Blossom is 6 and came to us first from a wonderful breeder. Trey is 5 and was a rescue we received through another wonderful breeder. We had a basenji 42 years ago when we were just young married's and loved him dearly. So all these years later we have them again. I must say it has been much easier this second time when we already knew what to expect from Basenjis. Trey has separation anxiety but is gradually getting better. Blossom just gets her nose out of joint that she is not the one and only Basenji now! (We had a minature dachshund when we got her at about 3 months old I think!) For a while she thought she was a dachshund! We would be lost without our basenji children.

  • Welcome!

  • Welcome... I see that your Blossom came from Kevin and Theresa! Wonderful breeders indeed!

  • @tanza Kevin and Therese are the BEST!!! Blossom is so wonderful!

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