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I am Anne-Marie from the Netherlands and I have a Basenji called Joey.:)

HI Anne-Marie
welcome πŸ™‚ I am Marianne from the Netherlands πŸ™‚

Welcome to the forum, Anne-Marie. Glad to see you here. We hope you will post some pictures of Joey so we can see him!

Hello and welcome from Czech Republic :).
Who bred your Joey, if you want to share?

Another big 'welcome to the forum' from the Netherlands to you and Joey! We looove pictures!! πŸ˜ƒ

Hello and welcome to the forum:D

Welcome to the forum, Anne-Marie.

Hi Anne-Marie and Joey, really glad you are joining us here!

Welcome to the forum Anne-Marie and Joey


Thank you all for the warm welcome.
Have you ever heard of a basenji who is afraid of heights.
Joey does not like it, he will never jump on the couch and he does not like it when you lift him up. He is a rescue dog and I got him when he was almost 3 years old, so do not know what happened when he was a pup.

What a sweet looking boy…. and yes, I would say something happened to him as a pup is he is afraid of heights...

But lucky that he found you to take him in and give him his forever home.

Hi Anne-Marie,
lovely pic of the Foxy Joey πŸ™‚
I believe that Basenjis are usualy very good and jumping and climbing but we have a 6 month old Pup who displays similar behavior to Joey. Malaika doesn't jump onto the bed or settee, instead she sort of scrambles up and looks very ungainly. She can jump down but it has taken her a long while to get to this stage. I do find it rather strange but am not complaining realy as she is less likely to escape from the garden πŸ˜‰

Welcome from another Dutchie πŸ˜ƒ

Joey looks great!


Welcome Anne-Marie and Joey, nice to have you both onboard..

Hello and welcome, hope you enjoy the forum, I'm new on here as well

Unusual, I would think for a Basenji to be afraid of heights - I've never experienced that but as Tanza says he could have had a bad experience as a puppy.

Mine spend the sunny days on the roof of a shed which at one side is 9 to 10 feet high. As puppies it was not unknown for them to leap off the high side to the ground when they were playing chase. They're a bit more sensible now!

Glad you found us.

Welcome! Send more photos! I am very new here myself.

As to the scared of heights issue: good thing thing you live in a flat country! No seriously, I have visited Holland and loved it…

Welcome to our group!
I wouldn't worry about the height issue - something probably did happen early on but with your love and attention, the pup will come to trust you and most likely will want to be by your side when you sit on the couch.

Thank you for your nice message. Joey is no pup anymore, he will be 12 years on June 24th.
regards Anne-Marie

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