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The wire crate shown would work great
Don’t spend a lot on floor covering for awhile they generally mail it pretty well. But don’t use rubber backed rugs, old blankets work well.
When you’re Basenji starts to get more mild mannered you can start by leaving for 10-15 minutes with the door open then come right back. We did that with our (4) Basenjis. Our one Boy his whole life went to his crate when we went away with his door open.
Enjoy you’re puppy there’s nothing like a Basenji experience. Lol

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This could be a reaction to formaldehyde that’s in carpet.
We bought a newer home years ago that had not been lived in very much. Our non Basenjis eyes matted shut and we discovered that formaldehyde is used in the mfg of carpet and can cause eye irritation to pets
Just a thought

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We have had 4 B’s or I should say they have owned us
We heat with a wood stove and all my dogs (3) Basenjis from very good breeders and 2 rescues have all absolutely loved laying by the stove. They get hot then go lay on the tile floor and cool off.
We Loved them all 😊

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That distance is not that bad to find a reputable breeder. We drove from northern Michigan to Rockford Illinois and to Milwaukee Wisconsin to get (2) of our Basenjis, would do it again. Two of the best Basenjis we have had.

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Your Black and White boy is a beautiful one.
We had one very much the same markings for 14 years his name was Joey.
He crossed the Bridge in April 2017
Enjoy they are a beautiful dog 🐕

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Being that we have been owned by Basenjis for close to 20 years.

If you open a door or gate without paying full attention to where that Basenji is they will take off. Nose down eyes scanning anything they can smell and or see.
We have had many Basenji roundups over the years. You have to very cautious, some are better than others but of the 4 I’ve had 3 would send you running.
One other thing to keep in mind never put a nylon lead on one at the collar I’ve seen one chew through it in nothing flat.
I have all woven steel leads for mine.
They are an excellent companion animal you just always have to be the pack leader.
Good Luck

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If you take it slow and work with him he will come around.
It can take quite awhile for him settle in.
We have a Basenji from the MO. Puppy mill
We have had her for 3 years and see improvements each day.
Good Luck he looks like a nice dog 🐕

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How old do you think he is ?

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He was a terror from day 1
We have an old Rescue dog if he would be on the couch Joey would walk up and just look at him until he would jump down it was hilarious.
Nothing was safe on the counter unless it was in the middle. He would swing his paw up and swipe stuff right off.
But he was a real affectionate boy as well
I sure miss him 🙁

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