Rescue of the Chow Chow variety

  • Folks this is more dogs than the Fl Wimauma group… and from a breed already horrifically overrun with rescues. That a dedicated NY group is trying to help all the way to GA... Please, if you can foster, donate, go over and help groom, anything, please step up for this breed that, in so many independent thinking ways, is like our our beloved Basenjis, I beg you to consider. This is a desperate situation. Btw, the Amy listed is a chow breeder, one of few, I am sorry to say, who is active in rescue. She is an angel.

    Hi Everyone,

    I thought I would give you an update on the 100+ Chows in Georgia.

    Amy Young, Lynette White and Cheryl went to the Kennel on Sunday night. Here is what Amy reported to me.

    ADDED: To fill out the foster home application that will be found on our website in the next few days.

    • The count of 74 from animal control was incorrect. There are actually 84.
    • The Chows are kept in wooden runs with tin roofs.
    • The kennel owner signed over all of the Chows.
    • We have 30 days to remove all of the Chows from the property.
    • Amy and her crew first separated the male Chows from the female Chows so we wouldn?t have any accidental breedings.
    • They then labeled every run with the color and age of each Chow.
    • The majority of the Chows are blue, black and creams.
    • They think there is one pregnant Chow but there may be two to three others.
    • Some of the Chows have cataracts and entropion. UGH!
    • One cream Chow is blind and is doing circles.
    • Most are not aggressive. They just scatter when approached. Once you can capture them most of them will let you handle them.
    • There is one 1 week old puppy and that puppy is now with Amy and is doing well.
    • Most of the Chows are two and under. There is a litter of 7 week old puppies and a litter of 12 week old puppies.
    • Amy pulled 18 more Chows all under 6 months of age and the 1 week olds mother.
    • The Chow coats are all dirty and will need to be groomed. Amy groomed 4 today.

    I will be traveling to Georgia on Friday night and will go to the kennel on Saturday. Amy and I will be evaluating all the Chows and name them all. We will pull more that day and decide where all of the Chows will be going.

    We will need more foster homes so please contact me if you are interested in fostering.

    We did find out today that the kennel owner has informed the shelter that he will no longer be feeding or giving water to the Chows since he signed them over to the shelter. I can?t tell you how much this angered me. These Chows need us so if anyone is in the area please contact the shelter to help them out.

    Meriwether County Animal Shelter
    263 McLaughlin Road
    Greenville, GA 30222
    Phone: 706-672-2966

    We can?t do this alone. If you can please donate to help these Chows -

    Cindy Stone
    Chow Chow Rescue of CNY

  • Debra,

    I am all the way in MA but if you evaluate the chows and there is one you think could handle a 6 mo. old basenji I could help foster one. I would be open to it

  • Debra - this is horrific and I so hope that this appeal raises homes. Thank you to you and all the wonderful people who are there for these dogs.

    I obviously can't do anything but is there an address where I can make a donation, please?

  • If you click on the link, it goes to donations for the group.

    Chealsie, many of these are going to be transported to NY so they might need you. Cindy said an application will be up for fostering in a few days:

    The foster home application that will be found on our website in the next few days.

    Bless you both.

  • Thanks Debra.

  • Debra, while I am a bit far in California, if there is a donation site set up, I would like to donate a few dollars to the cause. Let me know

  • chow chows are wonderful neat dogs and, despite the somewhat bad rep, the ones i have met have been lovely ambassadors for the breed. One of the neatest things about this very primative breed is the bottom of their feet. If anyone things basenjis have the middle two toes attached, check out chow chows. somewhere i think i have a pic

  • chow chow foot

  • Oh, this is awful..hugs to you all for helping these dogs.

  • The site to donate is:

    Cindy runs the Chow rescue.
    I just realized I left out the beginning story of this nightmare… the dumping of 34 chows as trash:

    I wanted to give everyone an update on the 26 now 27 Chow Chows that were dumped in GA.

    Amy Young and Lynette White went to the Coweta shelter today to evaluate the three Chow Chows they have. They are going to need some work but they feel they can be socialized and then be placed in loving homes. These three will be spayed and neutered, heartworm tested, rabies and DHLPP shot and wormed. Once this is done they will be going to Amy's. She will be working with them and then they will be transported to my rescue.

    They then drove to the Meriwether shelter to evaluate the 11 Chows they have there. They again think they can be socialized and be placed into loving homes. Lynette will be driving to the shelter and begin to work with socializing them. Amy will be pulling a few at a time and will work with them. They will either be placed there or will be transported to my rescue for placement. This shelter is very rescue friendly and will work with us.

    Mike from Chow Rescue in GA pulled three Chows and we will work together to find them loving homes.

    Unfortunately 6 have been hit by vehicles and died and 4 are still running loose.

    We asked the shelter to have them all spayed and neutered, heartworm tested, rabies shot, DHLPP shot and get them wormed. All of this cost $$$ so we've set up a donation page

    Desperate Situation - Chow kennel license pulled by Dept of Ag
    by Cindy Stone on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at 2:39pm

    I don’t know if you have heard about the 34 chows dumped in Meriwether/Newnan counties in early March. Chow Rescue of Central New York and others are working on getting these chows pulled from the shelters, vetted, and adopted or into foster care. The current situation is that the Dept of Ag has now gone into the kennels that dumped these chows and has pulled their licenses. The kennel owners have now surrendered the remaining 74 chows to the Meriwether animal shelter. Chow Rescue of Central New York has 30 days to work out some solution for handling these chows.

    We would like to line up foster homes with experienced dog people. We don’t know temperaments yet—most of the original 34 were very scared, but neither aggressive towards nor responsive to humans. If you are willing to help, please send an email to Cindy Stone at , Lynette White at or Amy Young at with info about how many you might be willing to take in and when.

    If you can not foster at this time please consider donating dog kennels, dog bowls, kennel leads, dog houses, dog food and any other item that may help these Chows.

    This will be a tremendous financial responsibility for our rescue so we are also asking for donations to help defray the cost of vetting these Chow Chows. You can donate at -

    We are 501 C 3 and we will send you a donation receipt.

    You can also send donations to:

    Chow Chow Rescue of CNY
    5913 Brownstone Path
    Cicero, NY 13039
    Thank You,


    Chow Chow Rescue

    of Central New York, Inc

  • You should suggest that they set up a PayPal account. It would be much easier for people to make a donation

  • I'll keep an eye out for the foster application. Thanks Debra

  • debra, you know for sure this is an legit rescue? Sorry for this post, but many folks are "claiming" rescue and not doing it.

  • @agilebasenji:

    chow chows are wonderful neat dogs and, despite the somewhat bad rep, the ones i have met have been lovely ambassadors for the breed.

    My sis has the most gorgeous, mellow, female blue chow who too is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.

    How sad for these chows. But perhaps now they will go on to a better life. Bless all of those who work in rescue.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    debra, you know for sure this is an legit rescue? Sorry for this post, but many folks are "claiming" rescue and not doing it.

    Oh wow, do I ever know they are legit. This woman has been an angel for so long, most of us from around the country support her. Many of us have gotten rescues from her. So yeah, she's as legit as BRAT.

  • @tanza:

    You should suggest that they set up a PayPal account. It would be much easier for people to make a donation

    When you click on the MAKE A DONATION link, it does go to the PayPal account 🙂 to donate to Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York, Inc.

  • At, I had to use a "ChipIn!" button to donate via PayPal.

    Blessings on Cindy!

  • I had no trouble donating by Paypal - when I clicked on Debra's link Paypal came up straight away!

  • I had heard about the dumping of the dogs but did not know anything about the new dogs. I guess they found out who the owner was of the dumped dogs and now he/she turned over all of the Chows. I guess the market was not good for Chows.

    What a sad story! I hope the owner gets prosecuted for the dumping of the dogs.


  • First Basenji's

    … and how utterly stupid of that puppymiller, too. How do you dump that many dogs and NOT have it traced back to you? Ridiculous. Ugh.

    I will forward this information. I'm sorry to hear that there are fewer available resources for Chow rescue. BRAT is truly one of the most well-organized breed rescues I have seen, and sometimes I lose sight of how this "safety net" is not available to all.

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