Rescue in New York

Someone sent me this link to a basenji in their local rescue so thought i'd put it up here incase anyone can help Lily.. She looks like a cross to me, but very pretty.

She's very pretty! I hope she finds a new home soon 🙂

She is pretty indeed. Could she be a mis marked pb?
Maybe Lisa or Pat can tell us.

She is absolutely adorable! I wish I could take her in…


She is cute..
I have a new BRAT boy here as well..Riley, but he is being transfered to Dallas on Saturday.

Aww! I want her so much, she's gorgeous! She reminds me so much of Roxy as well! Oh, if only. 😞 Hope she finds her forever home soon.

Oh, just realised she has been adopted - hopefully she has went to a great new home! 🙂

Yea for Lily, and yea to all of those tireless folks who take the time to make sure these little lost souls get a new home.

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