• I just signed up to volunteer for BRAT! I'm so excited. As much as I'd LOVE to foster, my husband doesn't think we could handle a third dog in our home. Regardless, I can't wait to help out!

  • Wonderful that you are giving some of your time to the BRAT people. I know they will be much appreciative, as I am, because all basenjis deserve a forever home.

  • Houston

    Welcome and as a fellow bratster…thank you. You will do wonders helping these poor pups out.
    My husband was the same way, but quickly came around...

  • Houston

    sorry…double post.

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Welcome! We don't foster either (already have 3), but transport, do home visits, evaluate dogs, lots of work to do other than foster. Then need for foster homes is huge, maybe at some point you will be able to, if your tow like having an occasional "visitor".

  • Thanks everyone! I hope to get really involved. I am a (mostly wedding) photographer and part time photo editor, so I have a lot of time to donate. There just doesn't seem to be a lot going on, BRAT-wise, in my area (Cincinnati, OH).

    I would love-love-LOVE to foster a pup. How do I convince my husband? lol.

  • Hi kdubs518, I am the DC for OH. I didn't see your volunteer info but welcome. I most likely missed it. Did anyone contact you? We actually have quite a bit around OH.


  • Yeah, Suzanne contacted me on 4-26. My email is, kdubs518@gmail.com I can give you any info you need, and let me know anyway I can help out!

  • Sorry my welcome is so late. Let me know if you need anything re BRAT. I love that group!

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