Support BRAT

Remember to vote for BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport in TX) on the shelter challenge site (everyone can vote you don't have to be in the US or Canada):
BRAT has slipped to 4th place and only first-third place winner gets money to support rescue efforts


I am on it..come on third, heck second or first place…we can do it.

Have gone on the link to vote but not sure how to. I typed in BRAT, but didnt know which state to put. When i have done this what else do i do please?

Texas is the state and you want to type in Basenji rescue and transport.
Once you have successfully voted, you don't need to retype it in tomorow, just look
at the bottom of the box and it should appear.
Thanks for doing this.
The dogs sure appreciate it.

Thanks Sharron, how many days do i need to vote?

I believe its 3 more weeks.
But will check and get back to you.

Just a reminder to all. You can vote once a day from each machine you use. So vote from home, from work, from other people's computers, whatever!

Also, if you use multiple browsers, (such as IE, Firefox, Safari, etc) you can vote once from EACH one of those browsers, from each machine!!!

Come on guys, vote vote vote!!

BRAT has slipped to 5th place 😞
Can we generate enough votes between now and Dec 20 to at least get back into 3rd (only top 3 get money)?
A holiday challenge to you all!

will certainly try to remember to vote, i started off well but have to admit to forgetting to vote everyday


I am voting my buttocks off..come on peeps..we can do it..

We can try to get people to vote for BRAT here too…

You have to be on facebook for this one.


I noticed the voting is finished. Does anyone know how BRAT have been doing?

Unfortunately BRAT dropped to 5th place. However, along the way they did win one of the weekly drawings (I think $1000).

Sorry to hear that 😞

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