• Hey everyone i'm still a real newbie so this probable seems funny but, how long does it take to hear back from someome in BRAT after you say that you're interested in a certain dog. I haven't had a home visit or anything. I know I need to be patient. Do you hear if you're being considered? I keep checking to see if she's still posted on the site. I'm really wanting to add number 2. My husband laughs he thinks if I get 2 I won't stop until I get 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny though he'd be OK with that. I don't want to be a pain to the BRAT volunteers so I figured I ask here. You know, be a pain here instead !! Oh, I applied for Lizzie in NY if anyone knows anything about her.
    Thanks for any info.

  • It varies, senji. Be patient, and don't be scared to resend an email if you think it's taken an abnormal amount of time. They may be trying to find somebody in the area to do a "home visit". That has to be done first. After that is done, everything goes faster.

  • 🙂 Thanks Vegas….I'm trying...I looked at the BRAT site for sooo long before I finally decided to try and adopt, so it pobably seems longer that it's really been.:)

  • Hi Senji,

    We got our Bella from BRAT and it took, all totaled, about three to four weeks for us to get her. I know it seems like forever but it is sooooo worth it when things work out. They really want to be thorough to make sure they put the right dog in the right home – but I feel your pain!!!!!!

  • thanks for the understanding. I applied on 9/18 and haven't heard anything. i think I'll e-mail just to be sure they got my app.

  • Ohhh,,,,yes,,,,,,,email to see if they got it,,,,,,,on the B's we have applied for they usually sent an email letting us know that they recieved our request within a day or two of us submitting the adoption form,,,,,,,,,,good luck,,,,,and BTW I looked at Lizzie online and she is beautiful!!!!

  • I tried for a couple of BRATs earlier this year. After a week and a half or so, I'd get an email that said they got my email. But that was it. I applied for dogs in different states - and they really want local applicants, especially when you have another dog in your home already. They want to make sure the two will mesh… I always thought it took longer than it should. I suppose if it's meant to be, it will work out. But I sought out other arenas-- I used Petfinder and this forum (thanks to BasenjiBoy) to locate my rescue Miles in a shelter in Pennsylvania. You can always check out breeders who might have non-puppies who are available. What are you looking for? Girl? Boy? Young? Old? Color? In any case, I feel your pain! GOOOOOOD LUCK, there's one lucky dog just waiting for your family to come along and adopt!! 🙂

  • Here are some available on Petfinder:

    Tigger, Adult female

    Buddy, adult male (no kids)

    Fonzarelli, B-Mix in NY

  • 34 - BEAUTIFUL brindle male in Ohio… SOMEONE NEEDS TO GRAB THIS FELLA!!

  • @BDawg:

    34 - BEAUTIFUL brindle male in Ohio… SOMEONE NEEDS TO GRAB THIS FELLA!!

    Isn't he handsome! I understand BRAT is trying to spring him, and there is word out amongst breeders to see if he is somebody's boy gone lost.

  • He is TOTALLY handsome!! I hope if he's lost, he finds his family… and if not, someone with a big heart should save him!! This totally reminds me of Miles's story!!

  • Thanks for all the ideas I actually did contact the shelter about Tigger.. I'm about 35 minutes from them but they said they only adopt in their community. What I'm looking for is a female, i think that would be best for our boy. I'm also ok with just about any age I figured if I could help a slightly older girl that would be good. I do have kids girls 6 and 10..but they know Bs and respect them. Deke doesn't put up with too much. He doesn't like many other kids just his, well I mean mine. HA HA I figure it will happen when its ment to. We are kind of busy until the end of October so maybe it's for the best. Thanks again..I love this forum..everyone is great!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, he is BEAUTIFUL!! I talked to a BRAT person today (via email) to make sure they knew about him. They asked if we would go visit him. Of course we said yes but we live three hours away–so if you know anyone in the Canton Ohio area who may be able to check him out they should get in contact with a BRAT volunteer. Otherwise it looks like a road trip for us pretty soon!!!

  • Just got another email and they have found someone close to evaluate this beautiful boy,,,,,,,,,,,,so if you are interested in him I would keep an eye out on the BRAT website

  • Hi Senji,

    Some coordinators respond more promptly than others. It can depend too on how many applicants there are for a particular basenji. With an older dog there usually are not too many but when a coordinator has several dogs posted at the same time, or even just two or three, it can be time consuming to keep up with the correspondance.

    Please write to me privately if you are still left hanging and I will follow up to see what the status is regarding your app and Lizzie's placement.


  • Yeah! I love adoption stories! Also, keep us posted on the Brindle #34… 🙂

  • Thanks Liz
    I resent the app thought it might have gotten lost out there in cyber space somewhere.

  • I help with BRAT and we really do try to be prompt with contacting new aps.
    Sometimes we are out of town, but I try to at least drop a note saying I will be in touch with them when I am back in town.
    Fingers crossed, you will hear from someone soon.
    Do let us know how it goes.
    When you get your basenji, send photos!

  • no clue what happened…I checked BRAT tonight and Lizzie was no longer listed. I guess it just wasn't ment to be. I'll keep looking our next B must be out there somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ohhhhh,,,,,,,,,sorry to hear that senji,,,,,,,,,I know that has to be very disappointing. Hopefully, you will find the perfect dog soon. There have been some new additions to the BRAT website,,,,,have you checked them out???

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