BRAT is out of the $$ please vote

  • Vote for BRAT everyday in the Shelter Challenge:

    Look for "basenji" in Texas.

  • I am voting but I'm not sure whether they its ok voting from the UK or just from the USA? They do seem to accept my vote!!

  • It tells me "Thank you for voting" and says my vote has been confirmed, so if you're seeing that hopefully it's working.

    The more I learn about Basenjis and BRAT, the more I hope I have a big house one day and can rescue Basenji's as long as I can handle them…

  • Thank you all for voting. BRAT has recieved a few checks from this site and its very helpful.

  • Brat is still 7th overall - I'm sure we can do better than that.

    Come on UK folks you can vote as well, lets see if we can push BRAT up the ladder.

    Please vote every day. See the first post for the link.

  • Thanks Patty, I don't know why we are #7. I know there are other shelters that need $$ as well as we do.
    All we can do is vote everyday…

  • Come on Canadian basenji lovers - we can help out!

  • Every one can vote - there's no restriction on where you live. Vote every day - BRAT has come so close a couple of times. Let's get them back up at least to third (last of the money spots) if not further. VOTE.

  • Am I wrong, or are all the shelters in 1st-6th place shelters for all animals and not just particular breeds? It's quite impressive that BRAT is up there with them, in my opinion!

    I've been voting and encouraging friends to vote - the more, the merrier!

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