I am proud to report that today is the tenth anniversary of BRATs founding. Basenji Rescue & Transport, Inc. was incorporated on this day back in 1999.

Since our founding, we have placed approximately 2,200 basenjis in forever homes.:)

We now have more than 1300 volunteers and place approximately 300 basenjis every year.:D

In my own words, We have done good!!!

That's GREAT news!!!!!!!
Happy 10th Anniversary BRAT!!!

Thank you!
I know we can't be all things to all people.
But the dogs we saved…well, I just wonder what would have happened to them if we didn't get them rehomed?
I am also thankful that we are still working everyday to save more.

I can hardly believe the numbers of Basenjis re homed by BRAT. It is, indeed, a very Happy 10th Anniversary!!!:D

One dog at a time…it adds up.

Happy, happy anniversary, BRAT! What a wonderful organization!

Thanks…my dream is that we can one day, save them all.
Until then, we do one dog at a time.

Wow, what a great job you do.

Happy Anniversary 😃

Wow! 2,200 B's! That's a lot!! Thank you BRAT! And happy tenth anniversary!!

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