Brat has a blog

🙂 I just wanted to post this message alerting people to the BRAT Blog .

Very nice. Their site is great…

That awesome photo of the 4 Basenjis running on that blog page was taken by MacPack's husband.

I love that photo…what a great pic of b's being b's!

Thanks, on behalf of my husband! Only one of those dogs is actually mine, Topper, the black & white on the right. The other 3 are owned by 3 different people in our basenji pack. I especially loved the photo because Topper is running with the gang, and now he has asthma and doesn't run anymore, this was probably the last time he joined in a run. I looked at it several times before it hit me that there was one of each color in the shot, then I realized it was a very special photo.

Anne in Tampa

That is a great blog 🙂 I have really been enjoying the stories.

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