• THE STORY OF BOOMER (Boomerang) CONTINUES - Although Boomer passed away earlier this year the adventure continues. We were doing some research yesterday and found a kennel about 30 miles from where Boomer was found in Magnolia, Ohio. I proceeded to call the kennel (Spring Willow Kennels) to find out if in fact this was where Boomer came from. Unfortunately it was a false lead the kennel owner informed me that she started breeding Basenjis in 2011 which would’ve been after Boomer was born. She also informed me that her dogs dewclaws are removed before they were sold. Boomer still had hers. The owner of the kennel did inform me that there were two other kennels in the area that I might contact. The search continues..... (Any Kennels around Canton, Ohio with information). She perhaps ran away from the kennel, her new owner or was abandoned. Would love to find out any information on our beloved little Boomer. (Born 2009-2010?) (Died March 2018) 0_1535486234971_28377941_1860052980673013_3649707307841467517_n.jpg

    BOOMERS STORY - 12-26-2011 to 10 -20-2012 Boomer was first spotted peering out of a log pile in our wood yard on 12-26-2011 the day after Christmas. At first sight I thought she was a red fox, but as I got closer I saw it was a dog and a breed I had not seen before. Looking at her she was badly injured with what appeared to be road rash or some other cause that was on various parts of her body. She appeared very hurt and I could not get very close to her as she growled and showed teeth. One assumption is that she may also have been abused. A makeshift shelter was made at the log pile where she was located. Dry rugs were put in to keep her warm. She was fed puppy food and water twice a day as you could see she was very thin. Area shelters and rescue groups were contacted and no place was found to take her at that time. Also contacts were made to see if anyone was missing a dog of her description. At this time we learned that she was a Basenji. She was at the farm for about ten days or so and one morning I went to feed her and she was gone. At this point I thought she had left and was on her journey hopefully to return home or this was just a stopping point for her. Then about ten days or so again when I went to the log yard to work on firewood I spotted her again back around the shelter where she had stayed before. She still was not healed from all her wounds and was still thin. This time we got a large pet carrier and made a larger, warmer and better protected shelter for her at the log pile. She was still not friendly but would let me take her food and water. At this time still no one had reported a missing dog in the area. Talking with a neighbor about her return and all that had happened she suggested that we name her Boomerang since she was here, left and came back. It was shortened to Boomer. Boomer would come out of her shelter and run and check things out while we were working on firewood in the log yard, but not go very far from the shelter, which we called it her condo. After several months from her first arrival I could get close to her without her growling and being wary of me. Later I was able to begin to touch and pet her and after several more weeks to be able to hold her but only for short periods of time. Boomer stayed at her shelter by the log pile for several months and slowly became more comfortable around us and our son's Border Collie, Sassy. In the early spring she became more friendly and began to follow us the house and began to eat at the back porch and sleep on a doggie bed with Sassy. It took some time for Boomer and Sassy to adjust to each other but we would watch them play/run together and check things out around the buildings and the farm. Usually once or twice a day the two would gnarl at each other while going at each other's neck, but once over they would get along. When sticks or balls were thrown they both would kindof fight over them. I never saw this type of dog behavior before and thought this is occurring since they are very different types of dog breeds. Boomer has very strong hunting instincts as her and Sassy will tag team to eradicate groundhogs and she has also chased rabbits. She does not like cats and will chase and grab them much to my wife's dismay. The cats are now fed in the barn and Boomer cannot get to them.After several months of holding Boomer for longer and longer periods of time she would stay still and it seemed to calm her. Later when holding her she would rest in my lap and or go to sleep. The only training I have accomplished with her is to get her to sit and begin to shake with her right paw. I used small treats to reward her. She does respond some to her name but not very well and does come in if call for Sassy to come. The plan was for her to get more training to be better in her behavior and respond to commands.From the time Boomer became friendlier and stayed on the back porch she wanted to come into the house and ride in vehicles. So we figured that she came from a situation where she was an inside dog and taken for rides. She appears to be housebroken and never messed in the house and will stay in the pet carrier but you can tell she would prefer to be free to come and go. Staying outside she would stay at the farm when we left and welcome us when we arrived back. When Boomer would be on the back porch sleeping on the doggie bed and it would be cool you could cover her with rugs or blankets to keep her warm. All you would see sticking out would be her head and nose as she would be warm underneath. Boomer loves to run, play, check out smells or other things of interest such as hunting or chasing. She chews mostly on bones, some plastic items and also sticks and pieces of wood. She is a very high energy dog and needs a lot of daily activity and rides well in vehicle. I would take her to the tree fields when doing hand work or she would play around the log yard or house. On approximately 10-10-2012 Boomer came into heat, so I have kept here crated in the back porch at night and times she is not directly with me as the neighbor male dog, when lose was making visits. On 10-16-2012 she was taken to the vet and received her rabies and distemper shots. The vet estimated that she is approximately three years old and she weighs 23 pounds. Boomer also received a dose of flea/tick pour on. She has two scar patches on her right rear flank that are from the injuries when she first came. My goal for Boomer is to have as good or better home than she currently has, to be well taken care of, plenty of room to play, hunt and have fun such as our farm. To receive more to training to learn to be well behaved around people, other dogs especially if she paired with another Basenji or other breed dog. When people asked how I got Boomer, they think I got her somewhere, but no, I tell them she is the dog that rescued us. Thanks to BRAT and the Boomerang found her new home on October 27, 2012 and she's living with Czar, Karen and Paul in her forever home happily ever after.

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    on. S

    Awww what a wonderful story. You did fantastic. I'm glad BRAT found a home, but you rescued Boomer.

    As for finding the breeder, that's probably impossible. Without a microchip, after this long there is no way of knowing. 😞

    Although most breeders remove dew claws, a lot of puppymill/byb don't. (I'll add that it is fortunate that responsible breeders are doing it less as research is showing removing them is detrimental.)

  • You did all the right things and with your patience, it obviously paid off. I love these rescue stories especially those like Boomers'. You are very good people and without people like you the world would be a poorer place. Thank you, Paul.

  • What a nice heart warming story. Glad to her that Boomer found a happy home! Wonderful ending to an unfortunate beginning! Glad that you were able to contribute to Boomer having a wonderful life!😊

  • What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it.

  • Why did Boomer die so young?

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    Why did Boomer die so young?

    He saw the dog in 2011, in 2012 it went to a new home. The vet estimated 3 yrs old. "Although Boomer passed away earlier this year ".. so the dog was at least 10. Not OLD but consider her life before rescue, she did pretty good.

  • @senjisilly

    A brain tumor or thyroid issue.

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