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@zande Hahahaha! I love to hear that someone else does this with toilet paper tubes. I fold the ends over and put a few treats inside, then make him wait while I hide them. He gets to find them when I go to work and tear them apart to find the goodies. I don't recommend doing this while you are away until you've watched your b too make sure he doesn't eat the cardboard. Mine also likes his Kong with frozen peanut butter or yogurt (no xylitol) inside when I go to work.

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@donc I totally agree with Don C. This is a huge transition for her! I didn't get my B pup until he was 12 weeks ago my experience is probably very different. My guy hated the crate at night and slept well in bed with me. He even woke me up to go out by digging in my hair! Not the best way to wake up but he definitely got the concept of telling me he wanted to go outside. Switched later to a bell. But I used classical music and once I found them, Through a Dogs ear, CDs while at work during the day and he did much better in n the crate. My guy also did well with NPR on the radio too.

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I both loved and hated my B's puppy years! The zoomies drove me nuts sometimes especially because he always seemed to get that way while I was studying for college! IMO behaviors can signal a breed in addition to physical traits. There may be some b in him! His face looks very German shepherd as well.

What a cute guy!

On recall...I have been working with my b for years on that and he's still only about 50/50 outside. I always got frustrated at the training classes we went to because he always seemed to be good as gold when the trainer came around but a total snot when I tried outside of class. He's gotten better over the years but I've chased him enough to know his tendencies now. I just don't ever fully trust him off leash outside.

As far as the door escaping, you can get him better at that. I worked a lot on waiting at doors (start training it on leash and use it with all kinds of doors). If you want to get all kinds of advice and different training strategies, this is a great forum as well!

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My B does that same style of sitting... where his front legs are on the floor and his butt is on the furniture or stairs! 🙂

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Both of my dogs - the basenji and the beagle sleep under covers. Beegin even arranges blankets himself in his crate so that his head is partially under the blanket!

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Senjishowgirl and Hondo,

I'd love to have my guys have some fun with other b's. Are there any dog parks near you all? There are none by me. I'll be moving to Flint here soon for college so I'll check back to see what folks are up to in a few weeks.

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I totally agree with Sharron about walking exercising and also give plenty of mental exercise as well.

Should be starting an intro agility training class next week with Beegin and I can't wait.:) I'm sure it will help.

Thanks for the continued thoughts.

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Well, I am not sure why your Mom is asking for input.
Her desire to free feed is a big part of the problem.
Try to taste something off my plate, I will stab you with my fork.
I think the Basenji is guarding his food.
The Basenji was already a part of the pack and the NEW dog has come in
and it trying to be the boss of the Basenji.
Basenji is NOT happy.

Seriously, why not just crate them when feeding or giving bones?
This can alleviate those issues.

Don't put the blame on the dogs.
I would put it on the human(s) setting them up for failure.

Sorry… but this is the best advice I can give.

Mom really isn't asking for input. I told her about the forum that I check on it and such and she said "why don't you ask them what's wrong with Beegin?" I think I will take the tact of telling that Beegin is my buddy not just my dog and the other bit about no more free feeding - maybe I can get my way then.

She's just a bit set in her ways. "Never had to pick up dog dishes with any of my dogs before so why should I have to do it now?"

Ack - the hassle of being a grown up child unemployed and stuck back at home…:(

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Thanks all.

I have been trying to do chewies in their houses (somehow that's what I started called crates).

I also found a local place where I could do some agility with Beegin - I know he is less interested in scraping if he is tired so I'm hoping to do that soon.

Thanks to the one person who posted about telling my mom I could be hurt too in breaking up a scrap. That she might listen to. She's very type A and my way or the highway but she's still a caring mom… I'll try this tact.

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Just wanted some input on this situation and so does my mother.

I am currently living with my two boys (Beegin is a basenji and Brady is a beagle mix) at my mom's house. Unemployed in Michigan surprise surprise… Anyhow, she just adopted a 3 year old cavalier king charles spaniel named Rowan. She agreed to take him cuz the original owner couldn't keep him anymore. We've had him about 2 months now.

This makes the current pack Tovah (german shepherd female, definite alpha), Beegin, Brady and Rowan. Brady is submissive to anything, including my pet rat (not kidding) so he and Beegin have always gotten along great. Tovah keeps Beegin inline and they have done well together also. Most of the time Rowan is the ideal lap dog. He is almost a doormat. But he and Beegin get into fights...

Beegin and Rowan get in fights over food bowls (we free feed cuz that's how my mom wants it - can't change it:mad:) every once in a while, and over chewies (rawhide chews or sticks) and treats especially. I almost feel like Rowan can't read Beegin's signals and I don't know what to do about this. Their fights occur in two ways.

Way 1: As an example, tonight we cut small bits off our steaks for super special treats and after dinner, I was feeding these to the 4 dogs in the corner away from the table and from their food bowl area. I feed them Tovah first, Beegin 2nd, then Brady and Rowan (left hand and right hand). Tonight, Rowan got excited and scooted until he was next to Beegin. Beegin flipped his ears back but Rowan didn't seem to care. Beegin was good until I went to give Ro his next treat then Beegin growled and snipped at Ro. Ro growled and snapped back. They fought for a bit and then Ro gave up and walked away. I have even seen Beegin flip his ears and raise his lip at Ro and Ro will continue with whatever he was doing kinda like obliviously.

Way 2: I give chewies to all 4 dogs. If Beegin gets near to Rowan, even if both of them already have chewies in their mouths, Ro growls and charges Beegin. Sometimes Ro will even chase Beegin from the room. By near I mean within 6 feet.

The fights usually only last 10-15 seconds and one or the other will run/walk away. There has not been any blood or injury in any fight so far. I am almost thinking that Beegin and Ro are working out their positions and just need more time to figure this out. More time to learn how to read each other's signals too? My mother however (she dislikes Beegin to begin with), thinks it is all Beegin's fault and he is becoming more aggressive.

I've also been wondering if it is because Ro was an intact male up until about 9 months ago. Beegin has been neutered since 7 months old and he is now 2 and a half. Would this still be a factor?

I'd welcome any input anyone has as I want to do everything on our end to stop these. I am a little afraid of escalation although I haven't seen it yet.

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