Baloo, the BRAT rescue story

  • 😉 When I first posted to this forum I wanted to find a healthy pup.A Great Gal by the name Sharron Hurlbut suggested that I contact BRAT. I did and before I knew it I was in contact about several Basenji's.I filled out the application had a home visit talked hours to Barbara McShea about this brindle named Baloo.Well to make a long story short, Baloo, the BRAT rescue is at his forever home with his new family.He is the coolest looking and most dearful Basenji we have ever seen! I have to Thank BRAT,Barbara McShea.Sharron Hurlbut,Carrol[home visit] my Michigan BRAT Co-Ord and the countless people that make BRAT what it is and everyone that has responded to my threads here at Basenji forums. This is truley a success story of a BRAT rescue.I would encourage anyone looking for a Basenji to look into BRAT. These beautiful little creatures need homes and it is up to us as loving caring people to make sure that we do all we can for any pup needing a quality life.BOB BARKER would be proud for that I am sure.


  • Mitt, when do we get MORE PICS????

  • Mitt,
    Thank you so much for sharing this success story. I am so happy for Ballo and you. So happy that he is home with you now. I can't wait to hear about all the great (and hectic) stories of your lives together to come. I am so fortunate to work with an organization that can help place some of these dogs into loving forever homes. And I am so glad you found BRAT to work with on this re homing.

    Thank you for rescuing this sweet boy and welcoming him into your family.

    I ALSO can't wait to see more photos. 😃

  • Mitt,
    Congratulations! I hope you and Baloo have a long and happy life together. I'm so glad you are able to provide a much needed home for this little guy. Best of Luck and thanks for sharing. I love the sleepy picture. He is certainly content.

  • I was asked to post more pics of Baloo, So here they are,He is getting more comfordable in his new home ,I can tell he went after the toilet paper!:D


  • I love the pics! It really looks like he is enjoying himself with those toys. He is very handsome posing on the couch, as well!!

  • @EskiLovr:

    He is very handsome posing on the couch, as well!!

    And he almost matches the couch!! 😃 As beautiful dog and you are both lucky to have found one another.


  • @BasenjiDiva:

    And he almost matches the couch!! 😃 As beautiful dog and you are both lucky to have found one another.


    Pat thats his couch now. But he does share it with us.He also gets his share of the bed at night.He never had a chance to experiance what close human contact was, he has now, and when he needs moved he is like a sack of potatos,he is limp like a wet dish towle.I think he enjoys it! I would also like to mention here that I have read a few posts about BRAT and the way things get handled at BRAT. I can tell all of you that this organization is FIRMLY commited to doing what is right for the placement of thier rescues. I know about the Fanconi syndrome and will have Baloo tested when he sees the vet.I have lived a blessed life and I have had my share of problems.I know this much life does not come with guarentees and any pet is subject to that as well.We all need to do the best we can,and when someone sees us falling short of that goal we need to ask ourselves how we can contribute a plan to correct it instead of hurling complaints at one another.We as humans all need to be heard and aknowledged for what we have to say.And we on the recieving end of a ideal or statement need to aknowledged as well, but in the end we all need to respect our own and other's point of view.

  • What a lucky boy!!!

  • Oh mitt, you and baloo have touched my heart!! May you share many happy years together.

    Thank you for the BRAT related story. So many times we comment on the negatives in our lives and over look the positives. Thanks for reminding us how important those little positives can be.

    Baloo is very lucky to have found you:) and he's even luckier you found him:D Baloo found the toilet paper already:eek:? Sounds as if he feels right at home!!


  • Ah, the good life! welcom home Baloo

  • A beautiful and lucky dog is Baloo! Congratulations to you and your family, Mitt, may you have many happy years together!

    Anne in Tampa

  • Its wonderful you have found your forever dog.
    We will be here to help with issues you might please,don't wait, if you find some behaviors you find concerning.
    In the mean time…Yes, please, more photos.
    Hugs to all of you.
    We couldn't do rescue without wonderful homes like yours.

  • I love the pics and congratulations and thanks for rescuing Baloo.
    Hide the kleenix, the TP, the paper towels, the plastic bags, the … 😃

  • Congrats to you for finding this lovely boy and congrats to Baloo for finding you… and that HUGE bone 😃 😃

    He looks great! I hope you will enjoy eachother for many, many years!

  • Ahhh - Baloo can finally relax, 'cause he's home. You too mitt - Congrats with your new little family member.

  • Mitt,

    He looks soo happy! He is very lucky to have such a wonderful "forever home"

  • What a beautiful boy! What a lucky family! Glad you're all in one place at last, and Baloo is no longer looking for his true home. Rescue is a wonderful thing.

  • Congrats on a new b and a great success story. These are the kinds of posts I love to read (when I'm avoiding homework by being at this forum). I think he is just striking!!!

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