Rescue Challenge - vote for BRAT to win!

This email has been on the BRAT-CHAT lists so I thought I'd cross post it here - I think you can vote once per day and there is money to be donated for the rescue groups with the most votes!

BRAT is now #6 in Texas and #209 for all of the US!!!
So if you haven't voted in the shelter challenge today (or at all) here is a friendly reminder for you to do so. Remember, BRAT is listed as being in TX.


In order to vote, you have to search for "Basenji Rescue and Transport, Inc." Simply typing in BRAT will not work.

Thanks! I didn't know that!

Do we need to put a city or state?


Do we need to put a city or state?

Just select "TX", no city necessary.

This just in:

Way to go everyone!!! Basenji Rescue in #1 in Texas and #56 in the nation. If we can hold this spot through July, the group will receive a $1,000 grant. Tell your friends and family to vote also. Great job and keep clicking!!!

I just voted again. 😃

You can vote once every day from each computer you have access to … so if your family has more than one computer, you can vote from all of them every day.


I missed this the first time around. It's a weekly vote, so lets keep voting.

1 click for a possible $1000.00 for BRAT. Let's keep this going.

Basenji Mix

I missed this too - but voted today - will try to vote everyday now. Thanks!

Get out the vote! Tell friends and family…

I checked this morning when I voted and saw that BRAT had been passed up for #1 in TX by Etosha - which has already won a $1000 weekly award. Our turn!


Actually Ethosa has not won a weekly prize. Winners are posted every Wednesday and right now the current winners are:

Week 1: Best Friends Animal Society, Kanab, UT
Week 2: Operation Scarlet, Lancaster, PA
Week 3: Seminole County Animal Services, Sanford, FL

As much as I love my B friends and my dear past little fosters, Ridgebacks are my first love and I've offered free custom collar drawings for Etosha for a weekly (you can only win once) and state wins. I breaks my heart we have to compete against a wonderful organization like BRAT. I propose we move you to a different state 😃


BRAT is still #1 in Texas but we need to move it into the top 10 in the US – vote vote and vote again!

Here's the link again - didn't see it on this page of the thread:

Whoo Hoo!!
Whenever I vote, I check the 'standings.' BRAT is now #10 nationwide, and… the Weekly Winner for this week!!! $1000 to BRAT, and we're still in contention for the BIG prize.

Keep voting, every day!



I just voted and put the website in my favorites so I will vote every day..

Did not know about it until now just voted and will do so everyday.

Rita Jean

I have just voted, I didn't see this before!

Top ten how exciting. Now you don't have to go to the top 50 view to see the rank.
I vote at work and at home everyday. And I sneak into other's offices and vote from their computers also…..:D

I wish I had another one I could vote on. Good for you and I love it. I Voted Today.

Rita Jean

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