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Welcome back and congrats on your success with your RR. I do coursing, racing rally and showing with mine. I'm in tracking class now with one of my basenjis, he enjoys it a lot, but frequently gets distracted by birds, deer poop, turkeys etc, the sighthound part of him is his undoing. I was starting agility training with Gambit, but that is on hold now as we are breeding both her and her sister this month and they will be out of performance events for a while. Their litters will be whelped and placed by Tad at Meisterhaus Basenjis as he is the one arranging the breedings and researching the pedigrees, I just did the easy part - the DNA, PRA, Hips, Elbows and Thyroid testing.

Distractions are very hard with sighthounds. Each of my dogs excels at some tasks more than the others, I can appreicate their individuality. I've heard wonderful things about Tad! Good luck with the upcoming litter.

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What breeders are you talking to?… just wondering...

They rarely place any show puppies with anyone outside of their core group and I've already had to go through multiple interviews, I don't want to jeopardize anything so I'm not comfortable with sharing any of that information at this point. 🙂

I'll tell you through PM if you are dying of curiosity 😉

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Awesome! I live just outside of Charlotte and have to travel pretty frequently for work. Always nice to have a personal recommendation.

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LOL that's hilarious! I love it.

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After several failed attempts to log in, I created a new account, found my old account and now I'm rearing to go!

I haven't logged into the Basenji Forums in about 3 years, however I used to be very active with BRAT in the Pacific NW.

I've had Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 2001; adopted my first BRAT rescue in 2005 and fostered various rescues until 2010.

Two years I relocated from the Pacific NW to the greater Charlotte, NC area. And now to the point, I miss my mischevious little Basenji's! Three years ago I ventured into the conformation world with a show Ridgeback and I'm currently working on the championship with my second one; I still participate in lure coursing, rally and obedience and I'm still mustering the self-training and courage to try tracking and agility 😉

I've been talking with a small group of nice breeders in my area and hopefully there we be a spunky curly-tailed whirlwind that joins my home sometime next year.

In a nutshell, it's good to be back!

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No doubt! I'm sure some people think I'm nuts with the amount of baby gates I have.

Counter surfing Ridgebacks & Foster B… gate @ the kitchen
Sighthounds in general .. gate @ the front door
and while Kira was around, gate to my sewing area because it can get darned expensive to replace that stuff! 😃

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So are BRAT dogs only available to the particular state they are in? Also in her profile it indicates that she is:
she nips: yes
house destructive: dont know

Kira went to her new home yesterday, I was her foster. Her previous owners didn't have net access so I had to fill her form out with what I'd derived from her so far and what clear info I was able to get from her previous home.

Nip - yes, in play only and I would classify it more as love nibbles than actual nips. At one point to stop her from running out the door I had to grab the first thing on her that I made contact with, it ended up being the skin of her back. She turned and screamed in surprise but never made any attempt to nip or bite. I would have settled for either to not have her bolting out the front door & loose :eek:

House Destructive - Don't know.. because I never gave her the opportunity! I'd rather not lose something to find out :p But she is only 18 months old and still has the usual age-related mischief. Yesterday while putting together a quick collar for her she took off with my cell phone charger and a wooden dowel that was on the floor that's used in the track of the nearby when it's closed. At her previous home she was also never really given the opportunity. I suspect she spent the majority of her day restricted to their laundry area that had a dog door that went outside. I think this is what has enforced her bolting behavior so much, the poor girl just want to be FREEEEEEEEEEE! Miraculously my TP survived 3 weeks with her, with most fosters I have to take it off the holder while they are with me :rolleyes:

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I can't recommend the Dura-Crate pad from Cushion Guy enough. Made from VERY durable fabric and made exactly to the dimensions of the crate, they sew loops in the sides and it fastens to the bottom of the crate. It lays flat and they can't get it up to chew. Mine lasted longer than my Basenji did 😉 Now I have it fastened in the vari kennel that's in my car.

You want the Dura Crate pad.

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This Rescue, while it may be wonderful to the dogs in their care, I can't say about that, seems to hold some rather extremist views.

They Quote the HSUS, won't adopt to you if you have an intact animal, and further, will send you "educational material."

They seem to hold the view that all breeders are awful, and I assume, as with most prejudice, will glom onto anything they can find to support that view, even if it means disparaging other rescues.

My MIL is looking for a senior female basenji to adopt, and, as we proved with Aries, we will go to lengths to get the right basenji, but, even before they added these things about breed rescue, I could not support that rescue, due to their HSUS quoting, thus never inquired about her.


This really is a good rescue. I've been chatting back and forth for a few weeks now and I know their hearts are in the right place. They are just as frustrated as many rescues out there who have to deal with people dumping animals. And to make things worse, her breeder did finally come forward and contact them after OVER a month because they didn't realize she was missing.

Whhhaaaaaaat?! How can you not realize a dog is missing? This same breeder also never had a mammary tumor removed on her for OVER 3 years. (BTW BRAT returned this girl to the Breeder over 3 years ago when the people she sold her too dumped her in a Seattle shelter after she developed a mammory tumor.. at the time we had NO idea how neglectful she was and we've learned our lesson.) Additionally she refused to take the dog back, refused to reimburse them the $200 they've put into this dog surgically AND in basically the same breath said they have a litter on the ground right now for $1200 a piece. In my book, this Rescue has earned their spot in Heaven for taking this girl in and helping her and her breeder has earned a first class ticket to you know where.

If your MIL is interested, the vet said that she's honestly the nicest Basenji he's ever had the pleasure of meeting. She's housebroken, quiet and an all around nice girl. Vet also said her insides were very healthy, and her uterus was in great condition even though the people this 'Breeder' sold her too bred her every heat cycle.

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