• This was posted on Facebook by one of my friends.

    Hey all!! The dog rescue that I love is is a contest to win money for the wonderful dogs that they save. Please vote!! "BRAT is thrilled to have been accepted into Rachael Ray?s Mutt Madness Contest! This is an elimination bracket contest simila…r to March Madness (college basketball) in which BRAT is paired each week against other rescue groups." http://www.rachaelray.com/pets/muttmadness/index.php

    Also The Animal Rescue Site has started this year's challenge. Remember, BRAT won last year for Texas, let's do it again!


  • On the Animal Rescue Site BRAT is currently in 4th place for the nation (actually 3rd because one of the others won last year and is inelligible this time). So keep those votes coming.

  • Thanks for posting this info

  • Keep voting at The Animal Rescue Site. We actually slipped from 3rd to 4th last week. Vote at home and at the office!

    Thanks for Rachael Ray link as well.

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