• A few years ago - someone that I had sold a basenji to decided that the fence was in ill repair and he would get out - and their daughters friends would leave the gate open etc etc etc. so he needed to come back to me.

    He was 8 and used to being a couch potato and really didn't understand having to come back to being a dog. I tried to find him a new home but everyone said he was too old.

    He's going to be 14 this winter - so people who thought he was too old - really missed out on almost 6 years on a great dog - so when you are trying to rehome your oldies remind them of Wiley - still chasing bunnies - still laying in the sun and sure was worthy of having a great family - but he's stuck with me.

  • I was at a rescue booth in Seattle and a gal came by to talk to the doxie rep.
    She wasn't there, so she talked to me.
    She stared out saying that, "well, she talked me into this dog, who was 8".
    I just knew she was too old, and would die soon, but I took her…
    Now, I am trying not to roll my eyes, thinking I am going to hear major crabbing over a dog not even placed by me...
    So, the lady contines, yes, I really did think she was too old...and I took her and I want you to tell *** THAT, the dog is now 14, in great health, and this dog is the JOY of my life.
    I about reached over and kissed this gal!
    I was so suprised and happy to hear this.
    So, age is no indication of the love and joy a dog can bring into the home.
    I know that because my beloved Dandy Candy who came to me older was the dearest doggie friend I had ever had.
    Hugs to all of you who don't think of age when it comes to doggie love.

  • awe, you guys make me want to cry. when you are constantly replacing shoes, cushions, etc those puppy years seem to last forever. a mature dog can definitely be a blessing.

  • I love the older ones myself.
    I think there is nothing cuter than a puppy, but oh the work involved to do it right~

  • I agree. Lexi just turned 7 and every time I take her ANYWHERE, everyone always asks if she's a puppy…lol. Uh... no. "She's EIGHT!" 🙂

  • I took OJ to the Eye Vet Friday and everyone was shocked to hear he would be 17 in September…gggg

  • My guy was 3 when I got him. Not an "oldie" by any means. But I wanted an older guy. There is nothing cuter than a puppy and the puppy smell. But the older dog personality is tops. The pups have a cute dopy personality, but when a dog hits 3 or so they get a "person-ality" which I just love-IMO.
    The year before I got Squiggy I lost "my little brother" a 15 yo yorkie who really was like a little man. I just have a soft spot for the old, ugly and unwanted 🙂
    *not that squiggy was any of those, but he did have a sad story and had/has some "issues".
    My dream has always been to get my little red and white male, but I know I will never have him- I will always chose the one I think no one else will.
    -Good thing I am not like that with my men :p

  • Hollie was 1 1/2 (approx) when I got her from a local shelter!! She is now almost 4 and a great dog. The benefits of an adult or senior dog are PAWsome… like most are already housebroke!!!!

  • We adopted two from BRAT. A month after we got them the turned 7 and 9. I told my hubby I could run an old folks home for Bs. I have a soft spot for the older ones that need homes. They deserve to be loved even if they only have a few years left….hopefully they have more !!!!!!!

  • Cale and I are currently in the process of adopting a senior dachshund through Almost Home Dachshund Rescue. Oscar is 11 years old and has a heart murmur. He has a little white "frosting" around his mouth, and he is lumpy. We meet the foster mom to pick him up this Saturday. This will be my first senior rescue, although it will be our fourth (and last for now) dog. This will also be our second dachshund named Oscar, but we think it is too late in life to change his name. Now we will have the Oscars.

    I am actually really inspired by this little old man. Think about it - he doesn't know he is old, doesn't know he has a heart condition, and doesn't know that he might not last much longer. He lives every day to the fullest, which I wish I did more often. I am really happy that Cale and I can give a loving, safe home to a little old man who deserves it. I think he can teach us all a little something.

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