Whispering, why we do rescue


I am the dog you see on the chain.
I am the cat you see in the drain.

I am the friend who has no home.
I am the stray who lives all alone.

I am the friend you helped today.
I am the one you transported far away.

I am the voice you hear in your head.
I am the caged animal who often dreads.

I am the opinion you are trying to change.
I am the anger you feel, and the rage.

I am the tears you cry when I am sick.
I am the hurt you feel, but cannot fix.

I am the voice in your head, when you cannot sleep.
I am the reason for the long hours that you keep.

I am the voice who desperately needs you,
And if not you?then who?

I am whispering
and you are my voice.

I sure wish I knew who wrote this.

How wonderful and so descriptive. I'm going to copy this one, if I may?

Yes, please. I just wish I knew who was talented enough to put how I feel into words.


Beautiful Sharron..I might borrow it too..

Please share it..if it opens one home to a dog in need, its done what the author intended.

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