Rescue in Canada

I do hope you get him he looks so sweet. Looks to me like hi=e might have a training collar on and could be a real shock one. Someone might have gone a little stuipd on him with it. Let all of know please and thank you.

Rita jean

I'm taping my mouth shut because I can't think of anything nice to say right now about people who adopt dogs and don't allow …. shhhh .... I'm breathing deeply .... grrr.

Please keep us updated. These kind of stories break my heart.
The boy is beautiful.

By the pictures, I would say a Sib mix, not Basenji at all…. IMO

Just to update all. There are many inconsistencies with the whole story. This does seem to be a mix, unfortunately, he also seems to be a puppy mill dog. He also barks, and Pat is correct. This is either Spitz, Am Esk, or a Sib mix. First there were at least three owners. The seemingly 'second' owner 'saved' him from the humane society. But, she also claims to have paid $1500 for him. Then she states that they've had him for a while, but he is only 1-2 years. He's aggressive, snarky, destructive, ect. There are soooo many red flags. While I do feel very, very sorry for the dog, we've had these people before, who latch on to a rescue group and then when you get interested in the dog, suddenly want a LOT of money for the dog. The previous owner had already filled out the BRAT paperwork before we even came on board, so obviously this is something that was in the works for a while. Unfortunately, I have had to back of helping this dog, not only because of the inconsistencies, but also because she has already had something else in the works and who knows what else she has done. What has happened to all the agencies involved and the dog is a real tragedy, but one I cannot fix.


I am so sorry to hear that the story isn't adding up, especially for that poor dog…greedy people. You did what you could, lets just hope things work out for the puppy

HMMMMM - looks a bit like a Caanan dog cross - OR a smooth Podengo - except for the bushy tail that curls - that is a fault in our breed BUT there are hunters who mix dogs and someone that was doing a Border Collie Podengo Cross.

Yup they bark - ears look right - no wrinkle looks right tale and muscling is wrong.

There was someone in Ontario who had some Podengos x of questionable origin but they were now that I think about it - closer to Quebec.

What a beautiful dog. Is it any wonder the poor boy doesn't have manners and doesn't know how to behave. :mad: The shock collar alone upsets me. I'm so sad that the future of this boy doesn't look good. He needs proper training, a secure home, and a loving owner.

Too true Vicki. The current owner cannot keep him as she has a party coming up, but she says he is sooo sweet and follows her around all over. It really is too bad. I wish people would research before they take a dog of any sort. I am going to try one more rescue person I know to see if they can help.

Sorry did not realize this was that old .

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