UK Rescue

Can any of our UK forum members tell me if the UK Basenji rescues do any fund raising or anything, that i could possibly help with?

I have no idea, I believe Sally Wallis knits dog sweaters and sells them and the money goes to basenji rescue, but I don't know if there is really an organized rescue group there.

Hi Shelley - if you go to
it will let you know who the welfare co-ordinators are. As far as i am aware we luckily dont have a rescue problem but dogs to have to helped by welfare from time to time. I am sure that any extra funds would come in useful.

Thank you Macpack and Scott for your replies.
Yes i remember 15 years ago when i got Benji i rang a telphone number and i think the coordinators hold a list.
It's good that there isn't a rescue problem 🙂

To dream the dream no resuce problems and a waiting list if you want one.

Rita Jean

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