Rescue sucess story

I just got the below email from Karen at the Basenji Rescue in So Cal.

Pardon the group mailing but this is an email and picture we wanted to
share. Max was adopted from us about 6 years ago and has been on a winning
streak due to the great work his people mom Alyce has done with him. Max is
on the right in the picture and obviously has the aero dynamics of running
down pat while his sister Miko doesn't quite get the idea yet. We went to a
fun match several months ago and watched Max go from lying around to
supercharged as soon as it was time for him to compete. We get pictures from
Alyce with Max looking totally bored as he is surrounded by ribbons from his
many wins.

Karen Jones
Basenji Rescue of California
PO Box 93
Acton, CA 93510
(661) 269-2364

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From: alyce sumita
Sent: Sunday, December 04, 2011 5:36 PM
To: karen
Subject: Max

Hi Karen:
Sorry, I have not been keeping in touch. We've been busy and getting ready
for our trip to Florida. As you know, Max as the number 2 basenji in the
United States in agility, was invited to compete in the AKC National
Invitational being held in Orlando, Florida this year.
Max and I are driving so we are leaving on our trip in one week on December
12th. We will have 2 days of competition on Dec 17 and 18 and we should be
back home on December 23rd.

I am not much of a photographer but I want to take some pictures for you and
Chuck. We are very excited!! It is really a great honor to be invited!
Only the top 5 dogs of each breed are invited to compete.
Anyway I hope to have some pics for you when I get back.

I've attached a picture of Max with his sister Miko. This is the first race
that they ever ran together. They are complete opposite!!

Hope all is well with you, Chuck and the kids.

Alyce, Glenn, Mariah, Max and Miko


This is the kind of success story we want for all basenjis that need to be rescued. So heartwarming.

That's FABULOUS!!!! Getting any dog, but especially a basenji, to that level in agility is a big accomplishment.

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