Does this qualify as a rescue?

  • This is on Puppyfind (shiver). The dogs are in Spiro Oklahoma. I checked out the web page and the dogs they sell are mixed breeds and it looks like anything they can dream up. Oh this makes me so sad. Maybe there is something we can do.

  • They write about Basenji: "Now if I could just find a way to make them poopless, they would be the perfect breed".

    Why people are trying to create a "perfect" breed :mad:?!
    Any dog as same as any human isn't perfect and won't be.

    If someone want to create a new breed it should be person who is well-educated in genetic, cynology, veterinary science etc….To create a new breed just because you love it is very bad and irresponsible reason :mad:.

  • All these poor dogs are is MUTTS. The website and owners give them good PR but really, they are mix breed mutts and this folks who buy them
    are just uneducated people with $$$.
    This type of irresponsible breeding just frosts me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • She has been breeding for a number of years and am glad to see her getting out of Bs although she is selling her breeding Bs to whomever will buy them. The market is not too good for Bs. There are quite a number of BYB and Commercial B breeders in OK. One of the dogs that was sold is Zipporah Akins which goes back to the WL's kennel which sold their breeding Bs and eventually all their Bs at the dog auctions. Unless I am mistaken 2 of the other Bs are Lisa's Flying Bogey and Lisa's Red Noodle. I wonder how much she is asking for the 2 adults for sale. I am surprised she is not selling them at the dog auctions but perhaps the prices are too low.

  • Puppy mill.

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