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Just wanted to let you know of mabel's lastest adventure. My youngest daughter was visiting. She of course had her two dogs with her, a samoyed, and a rottie. Rot is 8 months old and eighty pounds. Mabs hates all other dogs, she is very anti-social. I put her in a steel crate that my brother had given me.

Several hours later tried to get into the bedroom where clown dogs was. The door was locked. Proceeded to take off the doorknob to get into the bedroom where Mabs was. She had managed to slide the tray all the way out of the crate and squeezed out of the cage. Chewed up a pair of shorts for good measure, and somehow managed to lock the door. Never a dull moment around my house.

Kathy and Mabel

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I have a female basenji who the phase "wakes up badly" if really fitting. She was sleeping on the pillow which was on the loveseat. My grandson must have left his cellphone under the pillow. It started to vibrate and then it yells at you to pick up her phone. Mabel was not amused, she jumped up and stared at the pillow. She picked the pillow up in her mouth and shook it a good one. She then threw the pillow on the floor. The cellphone was the next thing to go flying threw the air. Let sleeping Basenjis lie.

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Just wanted to get the word out on animal rescue. If you go to this site you
can click to feed animals, give books to children, fund mammograms etc. It only takes a minute and there are many worthwhile causes.

Thanks for your reading this.


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hi sharon.

I feel like I know you. I have read your stuff on Brat. I am glad that you are getting the word out on Brat. Mabel, My B was adopted from there. I cannot say enough good things about people in that organization.

Actually I'm in that organization. We are good people. Mabel's foster was very helpful with helping me understand her behavior. I think a lot of it was due to fact Mabel is an alpha female.

Well just thought I would say hi


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My name is Kathy and I live in Pa with Mabel. Mabs is 7yrs. old. I adopted her 14 months ago. My life will never be the same. We are members of BRAT. I am looking forward to talking to other Basenji owners. My co-workers are probably tired of listening to me talk about clown girl, as I lovingly call her.

Take Care,

Kathy and Mabs

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