BRAT video

Staci Perry has put together this video about just a few of the dogs
by BRAT. Please check it out.

I've seen that before…I'm happy it has found me again. Thank you for sharing it, Ms. Sharron.

Oh, your so very welcome.
Thank you Ms. AJ and please share it with anyone who might like to see it.

I have not seen this. Excellent video! Thanks Sharron for posting this.


I love this video, I too have seen it on youtube..(I freguent it a lot)
Thanks for sharing it with us Sharron, videos like that can be viewed time and time again..

Your welcome…I love BRAT and try to share the "message" when I can.

This video brought me to tears and I can't but thank BRAT and all helpers who return the joy to these Basenjis. I thank God for all people like yourselves.

Oh, Patty, I am just a small clog in this wonderful group. I do LOVE To do rescue..and when I retire in 6 yrs I want to do it "full time"…laugh, my husband says I will have to get a part time job to support my "rescue" habit...
I am so lucky I live in the PNW. Those poor rescue workers in the puppymill states and down south, have it so very much harder than I do. I also have a great breed club of basenji folks who will help a rescue..even pay for medical issues...
Now mind you, its not a dog of their breeding...but they want to do right by all b's in need.
So, again, I am very, very lucky...
THE b's are very lucky Mike Swan set this group up over 10 yrs ago.
In Jan we rehomes across the US over 30 b's!


Oh, Patty, I am just a small clog in this wonderful group.

Sorry, Ms. Sharron, but I got a little giggle out of this at your expense. Are you sure you don't work for the government? :p:D:D

Laugh, its almost like that..I remember one time, I called my husband at work, told him I was headed down to Portland about 4 hrs away, to p/u a dog, and would see him in a couple of days…he was NOT a happy camper
I know he was thinking about the gas and room not to mention the chow I was charging Oh, well, got to spend your $$ on something right???

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