• Staci Perry has put together this video about just a few of the dogs
    by BRAT. Please check it out.


  • I've seen that before…I'm happy it has found me again. Thank you for sharing it, Ms. Sharron.

  • Oh, your so very welcome.
    Thank you Ms. AJ and please share it with anyone who might like to see it.

  • I have not seen this. Excellent video! Thanks Sharron for posting this.

  • Houston

    I love this video, I too have seen it on youtube..(I freguent it a lot)
    Thanks for sharing it with us Sharron, videos like that can be viewed time and time again..

  • Your welcome…I love BRAT and try to share the "message" when I can.

  • This video brought me to tears and I can't but thank BRAT and all helpers who return the joy to these Basenjis. I thank God for all people like yourselves.

  • Oh, Patty, I am just a small clog in this wonderful group. I do LOVE To do rescue..and when I retire in 6 yrs I want to do it "full time"…laugh, my husband says I will have to get a part time job to support my "rescue" habit...
    I am so lucky I live in the PNW. Those poor rescue workers in the puppymill states and down south, have it so very much harder than I do. I also have a great breed club of basenji folks who will help a rescue..even pay for medical issues...
    Now mind you, its not a dog of their breeding...but they want to do right by all b's in need.
    So, again, I am very, very lucky...
    THE b's are very lucky Mike Swan set this group up over 10 yrs ago.
    In Jan we rehomes across the US over 30 b's!

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Oh, Patty, I am just a small clog in this wonderful group.

    Sorry, Ms. Sharron, but I got a little giggle out of this at your expense. Are you sure you don't work for the government? :p:D:D

  • Laugh, its almost like that..I remember one time, I called my husband at work, told him I was headed down to Portland about 4 hrs away, to p/u a dog, and would see him in a couple of days…he was NOT a happy camper
    I know he was thinking about the gas and room not to mention the chow I was charging Oh, well, got to spend your $$ on something right???

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