• We have applied for a few dogs that are out of state through BRAT. Does anyone know how or when they help transport. We definately dont mind going houirs away but one of the cuties we applied for is 11 hours away.

  • They expect you to do some driving, but they have a bunch of volunteers that enjoy helping in transport.
    I cant really foster, so I help by transporting and really love it.

    They put out a post to the "brat list" and ask for volunteers to drive a leg of the trip. And then people contact the "drive coordinator" and schedule it all for you.

    Where is he coming from and going to?

  • I tried adopting through brat and now that the weather is cooler they can fly the dogs in, and the adoptees expense. Eventhough you are willing to travel, the dog might not be able to travel for such a long amout of time. You should contact the coordinator and ask if you can fly your furry baby in.

  • This is just my opinion…I like to fly dogs to their new homes if possible.
    Car run are ok...but I always worry about accidents, or a dog getting loose.
    With the plane, its a lot quicker.

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