• Check out the BRAT site..www.basenjirescue.org and go to Nevada.
    New basenji puppies for placement.
    Cute as can be!

  • Oh, I soooo should not have looked at those adorable smooshy puppy faces! Chip sounds like she has the attitude for a nice agility pup. Or maybe Queen.

  • I wish I had room for another baby… Better half says that two are enough for now 😞

  • First Basenji's

    I am very intrigued by their back story, and can only imagine with a bit of an evil chuckle what the unsuspecting "breeder" thought they were accomplishing before they dumped the litter.

    So glad the vet called BRAT, and they'll go on to better lives!

  • I hate you. Really. OMG I'd kill for Queen. OMG. Did I mention I hate you? OMG.

  • Hi, I'm the foster for these guys. I have had them since they were 8 weeks. They have been fun, smart and sweet. We will miss them. They have used the dog door from the first night, and by nature have house broke themselfs. They all baroo. I have 4 rescues males from Medfly, Karen Jones. DenisJean Webb

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    I hate you. Really. OMG I'd kill for Queen. OMG. Did I mention I hate you? OMG.

    I'd get in the ring with you Debra, with boxing gloves on. I think Queen is adorable too. 🙂

  • Ooooh, the cuteness! Make that three of us duking it out for Queen. I would really, really, really like to have a puppy. 🙂

  • The foster here, Queen is the people person. She is also working on being the boss. If she has something it is hers and she will fight anyone to keep it.

  • OMG they are sooooo adorable!! Queen purrs?? I wish my dogs 'talked' more. I would fight you all for Queen, but instead of fighting I would probably opt for Chip…she is adorable and looks a little she may have a bit of an attitide.

  • Chip does have attitide! She is the smallest, but don't tell her.


  • Ahh too have a puppy! I love them all and would die for any of them! Too bad Nevada is sooo far! I would take one in a second! My mix would love to have a friend around. I love both Tri's

  • Hubby said 2 are enough-sigh!

  • LOL I called Debbi and said I'd kill for Queen. She hasn't even returned my call! LOL.

  • We all look forward to hearing who gets these b's and seeing how they are growing…more info please!

  • Brat has the say, so when they go to their forever homes, I'll let you all know. I'll miss them, But my B boys think they have over stayed they visit. They are use to having all the attention. DenisJean Webb

  • They are so very special. Do update us from time to time please.

  • We had a puppy fight at 4:30 Am this morning. Poor BlackJack got the wost of it. His ear was swollen this morning, so off to the vet, no harm to ear, just have to whatch it. No Blood clot, Yea!! I think the charming, very cute, people pup The Queen did it. If she is sleeping and pup wants in the cage and they wake her up. There will be war! She wont let them in to sleep, until she decides the have been punished enough. I don't need a TV. DenisJean

  • laugh, when you have a litter of puppies to help raise, you don't need a hobby or a job..you have one. Glad everyone came out without major damage.

  • Puppy update!!! Chip just left this morning to her forever home. Queen is going to be picked up today, (after petsmart run!) and Blackjack is going to be picked up on the 28th. He is going to OH. His people are coming out and flying him home. In the cabin. The girls are staying here in Las Vegas. All familys are long time Basenji people. Chip will have a bossie cat and a B brother, Queen will have a B sis and B brother. The same for Blackjack. Now we have three to go. I'm so happy that they will have their own people and homes, to share their love. DenisJean

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