BRAT puppies in nevada

I'll send a link or ask the new owners to join. DenisJean

Chip is now "Cleo" and they said their boys, (young adluts) were fighting over who would sleep with her. She was sitting on a lap while they worked on the computer. SO…she has already strated their training on how to be good Basenji slaves. DenisJean

Just heard from Oren, the three boys have homes, just waiting for home checks. I hope they all go well. One in AZ two in CA. So all should be gone in a week or two. DenisJean

You have done a wonderful job on raising these puppies…

First Basenji's

Oh boy! Which one is coming to Arizona?

I'm not sure, if the home check goes well, it will be King r/w or Ace tri. (I think) I don't have a say really, just some input, Oren of Brat makes the final call. Someone in CA asked for Diamond, again if home check is good. Keeping fingers crossed! DenisJean

First Basenji's

They will be lucky people!!!! 🙂

Good job Chip on the basenji-training-human habits. Get em hooked while you are young!

Hi all. All the puppies have gone to their new homes. The last one to leave was the red male, King. He went Thursday to leve in CA. All are now making new slaves. Everyone has good things to say about them. As we have said the litter was smart and loving. We will miss them, but they all needed to be in their own homes. The day King left, and we got all of our livingroom back my guys found their spots and slept the rest of the afternoon away. They didn't miss the pups at all! They even helped pack they bags. DenisJean

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