• Basenjis on a calendar, helps BRAT– can't go wrong!

    2012 BRAT calendars cost only $20.00 each plus postage and handling costs. Postage will be calculated based on the number of calendars ordered, so you will save shipping costs if you order more than one to the same address.

    Once again this year, you can use your credit card to order calendars. Credit cards will be processed through our PayPal account, but it is not necessary to have your own PayPal to use a credit card. A check or money order may still be used as well.

    The calendar project is our biggest fundraiser of the year. All the net proceeds from the project go directly to the dogs. Please consider making an additional tax deductible donation to BRAT when you submit your order. Our direct vetting and kenneling expenses so far this year total almost $90,000. We have incurred some extremely high vet bills on individual basenjis which includes several who have been cured of heart worm, some who are being treated for fanconi, a few who have required orthopedic surgery, and one who had numerous mammary tumors removed.

    Thank you again for your support of basenji rescue. Special thanks to Jacque Holdaway who designed the calendar, Chey Miller who mails all calendars, Debbi Johnson who processes the calendar payments, and Don Kuhwarth who creates the system for collecting and voting for our favorite pictures and the ordering page for the finished product.

    Please click here to order your calendars http://www.basenjirescue.org/calendarcontest/calendarorder.asp .

    Liz Newton
    BRAT, Inc.

  • I got my 2012 calendars last night and my pups are famous again!!!!

    For the 2nd year in a row, Bandit has been in the calendar. She's not a rescue but her picture with my precious Hunter (BRAT rescue) made it on the August page. YAY!!! Last year she got her pic on the June page. Her favorite place in the world, belly up to the Cedar River.

    Bandit asked me "2 years in a row? Don't you think a roast is in order???". Silly B girl!!!!

    It's so neat seeing pics of people and bs I have gotten to know over the forum and from the BRAT website. If you haven't ordered yours yet, get 'em while they still have them! You won't be dissapointed and all the proceeds go to BRAT.

  • First Basenji's

    Yes, we're putting in an order too (Bowpi's in there too, somewhere!). I'll keep an eye out for Bandit and Hunter.

  • Bowpi has a GREAT pic in there! I was so happy to see her. She looks soooo happy, running in the sunshine!!!

    Hunter & Bandit's pic is the one of them standing on the beach beside the ocean. Hunter is just checking stuff out and Bandit is sniffing the sand.

    I read your blog too so I feel like I know your pups.

  • @vickilb:

    I got my 2012 calendars last night and my pups are famous again!!!!.

    Congratulations! I have ordered my calendars…...I look forward to seeing the pictures. 🙂

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