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Seems to be simply behavioral, but I appreciate everyone's advice. I think he had a slight case of separation anxiety and was afraid to be away from us for too long. We have solved it by standing outside with him until he is done. We have a doggy door so he can come and go as he pleases, but it turns out he doesn't like that much freedom or he likes an audience. Either way we have not had the problem again since I posted. Thanks again though!

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Keoki, our 8.5 year-old basenji has begun having a strange problem and I am wondering what could be causing it. Within the last week he seems to be dropping one piece of poop about every other day when he is just walking around the house. Sometimes it happens after he has gone outside to do his business and others just at random times. He doesn't even seem to know it is happening. I am concerned that there might be something wrong or it is a nervous behavior or something.

He has done this before when we go on walks and he is really excited and can't make it to "his spot" but now that it is happening at random times and in the house I am not sure of the cause. 😕

He was at the vet about a month ago and checked out great. Any ideas?


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I am so happy to hear that both Isis and Kizzie were adopted as were so many of the other Wimauma pups.
Over a year ago, we brought in another b to our home as a playmate for our girl Kona (1.5 year-old). Keoki, male, was 7 at the time. At first he wanted nothing to do with her. It took them a couple months to be comfortable together and at that point he would "tolerate" her with mild annoyance. We had some trouble with growling and snarling, but like everyone says - positive reinforcement and lots of attention. It took a full year for Keoki to adjust to Kona and play with her. Now we can't keep them apart or slow them down!!

Sometimes it just takes time and it is so worth it once they bond!!!

Hang in there and congrats on your new addition!!

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MacPack told us our lives would never be the same with 2 B's. She was right. We can't imagine life without both of them.

Keoki is so in tune with my feelings and emotions. He knows when I need him to come cuddle and when I am sick he places his head on my chest as if he is making sure I am still breathing. This is all from a 7 year old dog that we have had less than one year.

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Kona is rebelling against me right now. She spent two weeks with my parents while my husband and I were traveling overseas and now she is doing everything in her power to let me know she is not happy with me. Today she shredded my newspaper - bag and all!

By the way - she is completely spoiled at my parent's house…so maybe she is rebelling because she doesn't want to be home?!?

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Lupin will actually take this leash back and replace it for free. :p

Lupine leashes are the best. Anne - I hope they never come up with a "void if chewed by a basenji" clause. We would be in big trouble.

My parents had the pups one time and Kona chewed through Keoki's leash and my mom said I thought they had a warranty that they couldn't be chewed!! I had to explain that they weren't chew-proof, just that they can be replaced if chewed.

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Anne - please let us know if anything new develops and we can help. Can't help but wonder if our Kona girl may have been part of this pack before she was picked up by the humane society. We are happy to help rehome to prevent them from being killee.

Just send me an e-mail over the weekend if anything new turns up. I will be in Gainesville but Justin will be home.

Let's just hope they can get these pups some shelter from this weather over the next few days. Also if the puppies they confiscated turn up in a shelter hopefully the Tampa group can band together and make sure we can save them.

Keep us posted.

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Keoki loves to lay on the top of our leather couch too, except we don't have it against a wall. We are not sure how he manages to balance himself so well up there, but he does.

She is beautiful, btw.

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As already noted.. this IMO is one of the best

So I can use this as a substitute for brushing their teeth all together?

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