• Jayden isn't very vocal either and was very quiet when we first got him. However, he will now occasionally baroo when he thinks we are serving his dinner too slowly. And, he can do a wonderful imitation of a tornado warning siren!! I crate them when I shower and Jayden will do his siren imitation about 50% of the time. Jayden also likes to embarrass me: A stranger will ask me about basenjis and I'll comment that they are known as the barkless dog. As if on cue, Jayden will then give a single bark to make me look stupid!


  • Wow….A 1000 mile plus round trip to the Atlanta area so Moxie could meet Jozie this weekend. A tiring journey in two days. It was worth every inch of it. Jozie's response to Moxie and I went much better than I could dream. It went so well that Jozie rode home with us. She is quite a little thief. She stole my heart before I could think. What a little beauty. Attached are a couple of photos of Jozie and Moxie. The markings and coloring for the two of them is amazingly similar. They make a very fine looking pair. Now the work begins for her acceptance, but it is going much better than I estimated. Jozie wanting to play is photo one and Both watching activities in the second. They are doing well with Jozie in her new home. She is a little timid, learning about the new space and so far has only gone out to explore the yard when she needs relief. I tried to coax her out but she would only peek out the sliding glass door. She also exercised her voice last night because she wanted the night light on. Thanks to all of the well wishers out there and many thanks to Robyn Dubbert. She is a really nice person and is excellant to work with. If any one out there is looking for a Basenji, they should contact Robyn to discuss their needs. She has some very nice adults and four beautiful puppies. I wanted to bring them all home with me. They are good lookers with loads of personality. Rainie is a showoff that will amuse you every second you are there.

  • Houston

    ♪ Happy Dance ♪….♪ Happy Dance ♪

    I am so happy to hear this...keep us posted...

  • This is wonderful. Congrats!!

  • I agree…. great big HAPPY DANCE!!!!

  • excellent news, so happy for you all

  • congrats!!

  • I was actually astonished at how well Jozie took to jdurden, his wife, and Moxie. She is usually very reserved when she first meets people and sometimes won't even let them touch her. It didn't take long at all for her to put her feet up on him begging for treats. I kept thinking, "Who took Jozie and put this dog in her place?". :p

    I took a video of the two dogs in my yard. I feel like I should be singing square dance music "Swing your partner, do si do", haha!


  • Houston

    What a great video..looks to be hitting it off…How exciting, keeping my fingers crossed it all works out.

  • Glad that it seems to be the perfect match!!! Of course there will be squabbles… but sounds like Josie has found her new forever home!

  • I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that this is going so well! This is such great news!

    (and Jozie's kin, Jayden and Cory)

  • Obviously Josie has been waiting for the RIGHT HOME and found it!

  • this is wonderful news!!!!

  • Fantastic hopefully this will be a happy ending for all.

  • I love play bows!

  • And the dance continues in Florida. Donna shot this video and I have just learned how to upload, thanks to Robyn. Jozie is adjusting very well. She is timid about everything. I left her out in th house with Moxie on the porch for about two hours. When I came home she was sitting up on the sofa watching TV. We have tried to get her on the sofa but she has refused until now.


  • I am so thrilled to catch up on this thread & read the good news!! I love Jozie, and have been hoping she would find the perfect home for a while. Sounds like this couldn't be a better fit for anybody involved, and I'm happy for all parties. Its always so nice to hear happy stories like these 😃

  • Basenjimamma,
    Robyn has already been told, there is no way Jozie is ever leaving our home. She is officially a part of the family.

  • @jdurden:

    Robyn has already been told, there is no way Jozie is ever leaving our home. She is officially a part of the family.


    I'm so happy for you guys! I forgot to mention on my previous post, I completely agree 10000% with everything everybody has said about Robyn. She is a wonderful breeder, and a great resource and mentor. My dogs aren't from her, but she is always available via e-mail or phone to answer basenji related questions. I would not hesitate to adopt a basenji from her should the right circumstances arise. I just can not say enough how happy I am for you, Jozie, Moxie & Robyn.

  • Both videos show that Jozie likes Moxie and won't give up till he adores her too. They do look a lot alike, a lovely pair. A perfect fit was worth waiting, and driving, for! Congratulations.

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