Looking for female Basenji pup in Georgia area

Thanks for the quick replies, will definitely be using that information! Also, when I say "a dog is a dog", I mean that I think people place too much of their decision on the appearance of the pups, rather than their personality and temperament, and also wanted to communicate that I'm on a budget and don't need a perfect $3000 show dog. I understand the objection though!

@noblesuntzu Regardless of the cost, what are you looking for in a "dog"? And, the December/January preference makes me wonder: is the puppy meant as a gift for someone?

You would do better if you cast your net a little further.

You can fly a dog to you. I was in Hawaii and could not find one on the mainland so got my from New Zealand.

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@noblesuntzu Typical price of a Basenji from a responsible breeder is (give or take depending on the part of the country) 1500.00.


As far as my exact requirements, I don't have that many. A dog is a dog! That being said, I definitely want a female, definitely not a brindle coat, and I don't need a show dog, as long as she is healthy!

The more you (re)search, the more you'll read a Basenji is really not a dog, i.e. not one's typical household dog.
If you still want a Basenji, here's an (updated version of an) old but thorough post from Tanza to help you ask the right questions from breeders:
tanza 8 Jun 2007, 07:56

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@helle-devi - Thanks for the re-post, it is a bit out of date as we do have DNA tests for Fanconi so strip testing is not needed any longer. I will update this and repost.

😁 indeed. I did warn it was an old post. Perhaps I should have said ancient!
Prices are off also, but the bulk of the post is solid and the legwork rests with the buyer.

@helle-devi - Very true, Helle Devi, I did update it

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@noblesuntzu First off I am pretty sure you will not find anyone in Georgia to accommodate you, A Basenji is not just a dog and the cost is anywhere from $1200-over $2000.00. The breeders that are listed with AKC.org would probably just hang up the phone on you! So do your research, be specific on what your intentions are for the Basenji and your family. How experienced are you with Basenjis, with breeders? Because if you go to the wrong breeder it could cost you a lot of money in the long run.

@hawk8875 - Those listing with AKC are paid advertisements. There is no requirement on who can pay to be listed. Go to www.basenji.org and then to find breeder and you can search by state. Breeders listed on there are members of the Basenji Club of America.

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