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    My name is Victor and I would liketo know if anybody in here knows the contact information of the breeder where I got my first Basenji from. The breeder lives in Oakdale, CA. It was back in 2008 when I got my first basenji from him, complete with AKC papers. I just recently lost Bruno, a month ago, due to health complications. Although, some people think that he absorbed my mother's illness and sacrificed himself for her. A month or two ago, my mother was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus, and she had unergone surgery to remove the cyst. At the same time, my dog was diagnosed with ketoacidosis, but the vet needed further testing. The weird part was, Bruno's medication was exactly the same as my mom's. And their ailments were exactly the same, my mom was bloated during the surgery and Bruno was x-rayed and the vet told me his stomach was bloated as well. When I told my friend about this, he said that in Mexico, the old folks believe dogs have the power to absorb your negative energy and would sacrifice their lives for their master. It may be hard to believe, but I'd rather think that Bruno saved my mother's life than anything else. Anyway, the reason I want to know if anybody knew the breeder from Oakdale, CA contact info. is, to get a puppy from the same bloodline as my deceased basenji. I've tried calling Tanza basenji in Pleasanton and Arubmec basenjis in El Sobrante, but their litters are quite expensive since they're champion show dogs. Any suggestions?

  • Well, knowing the akc registration number would help. We can look up the breeder that way.

    However, good breeders are expensive because they do it right. You get a puppy that has generations of HEALTH CLEARANCES, including eyes, fanconi, heart, etc. The extra you pay upfront is more than worth getting a better chance at a healthy companion. It also is worth it to NOT pay money into the hands of a backyard breeder/puppymill and then support them breeding dogs that may have terrible genetic and health issues.

    If money is your primary issue, consider 2 other options... rescue "
    BRAT: https://www.basenjirescue.org/

    Medfly: http://www.basenjirescue.com/

    Or contacting breeders for young adults that may need homes for various reasons.

  • Thanks for the reply! My dog's akc registration number is HP28938204.

  • Edited (Thanks to Tanza). The Cambria listed are NOT from the well known Cambria Basenjis. Basically just a backyard breeder. Some here may know who to contact.

    Sadly your dog is a backyard bred dog with no health testing. I checked OFA for sire and dam health.. nothing. But sadly 2 siblings are in the data base, and Bruno's littermate is listed as probably AFFECTED with Fanconi, which means both of Bruno's parents carry Fanconi. 😞 For someone in 2008 to be breeding without CHECKING for fanconi tells you they are horrible. While the final test for Fanconi wasn't available yet, they didn't even bother with the early (and fairly reliable!) test or ANY health testing. Why would you even want to put money in those people's pocket, or risk a dog with serious health issues?

    Basenji / Red & White
    Sex/Whelp Date:
    Male / NOV-27-2007




    From : http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com/

    Bruno (AKC) {M} HP289382/04 (USA) 27 Nov 2007
    Pacer's King Of The Congo x Doves Fasttrack Mojo
    Sire Pacer's King Of The Congo {M} HP062794/05 (USA) 17 Jul 2003
    Cambria's Pacer Of Anza x Cambria's Sweet Heart Of Anza

    Dam Doves Fasttrack Mojo {Black & White M} HM991718/05 (USA) 7 Dec 2001
    Maridadi's King Of The Congo x Princess Penina Of Oakdale

    4 Littermates

    1. Arrow Of Jackson Road {F} HP289382/05 (USA) 27 Nov 2007
    2. Minny Of Jackson Road {F} HP289382/06 (USA) 27 Nov 2007
    3. Morning Star R.R.'s Lucy Luna (pAFS) {F} HP146084/02 (USA) 7 Dec 2004
    4. Scout Lord Baden Powell (CLd) {M} HP289382/01 (USA) 27 Nov 2007

  • Hi Victor,
    Being champion show dogs has nothing to do with the price. Champion Basenjis (be it in the show ring or performance ring/field) show the breeder that they are breeding correct Basenjis in conformation, ability, and most important temperament. I have never made money on any litter that I have raised, lucky to break even. Breeders are tying to cover their cost of a litter as there are many things involved in breeding and breeding for the right reasons.

  • @DebraDownSouth - The Cambria in this pedigree is not from Bob Mankey... this person using the Cambria name is a backyard breeder that stole the Cambria name and was using it on their dogs until June 1, 2004 when the AKC granted the Kennel name Cambria as restricted and any submission with Cambria as the kennel name would not be accepted

  • THANK YOU Pat. I wondered how a pup slipped through.

  • @DebraDownSouth and @tanza , thanks for all the info. I truly appreciate it.

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