• Hello, I'm from the UK and my family and I have decided we are ready for a puppy, the Basenji immediately caught our eye.
    We are not first time dog owners my husband and I, but the kids are finally old enough for the responsibility and at least one of us is always in the house.
    We are looking for a Female pup, we would prefer tanned coat but we are open to other colours.
    If anyone could pass on any emails/websites of anyone you know of with a litter up coming as we can wait a month or two! We are willing to travel for one of these adorable pups, and cost is no issue.
    I've looked all over and the websites seem to be from years ago and I have been getting no response when I try and get in touch.
    Please help! I need one of these lovely animals

  • Most Basenjis are born in Nov and Dec and I think all female Basenji pups from last years litters have been accounted for. You could try emailing the secretaries from the UK breed clubs as they usually have a list of litters and can help to match up potential owners. Make sure you do your homework on the breed and the breeders and try to visit a breeder or two so you can spend some time with Basenjis before you make a final decision. Basenjis are not like most breeds of dogs and can be a challenge. Good luck with your search.

  • Please do plenty of research before making a decision to have a Basenji.

    Where are you in the UK? - if near to me you are welcome to visit my Basenjis and talk Basenji talk. I'm no longer breeding but I think it's important to visit Basenji homes before making decisions. As Benkura says there don't seem to be any female pups available at present. The plus of that is that you've plenty of time to see as many Basenjis as you can. Most breeders are like me and would be pleased for you to visit with their Basenjis.

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