• I am an experienced basenji owner who is looking for a female basenji, preferably a young adult or puppy that has been returned to a reputable breeder or one that has retired from the show ring.

    Approximately six months ago I lost my 6 year old female, Jasmine, to osteosarcoma and I would like to find a companion for her brother Jasper, who I believe is missing having another dog in the home.

    I’m located in western Pennsylvania, close to Pittsburgh. I have been searching the web and haven’t had any luck. I am aware of BRAT and the Basenji Club of America. I have also contacted several breeders in the eastern part of the United States and have been unsuccessful.

    Please reply if you have an available girl for me to love and provide her a furever home!

    Jo Ann

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. I lost a dog to osteosarcoma several years ago and it was horrible. 💔
    I am not a breeder so I don’t have a girl for you but there are a lot of excellent breeders near you. Even if they don’t have and adult for you right now they could at any moment. My advice is to fill out their applications, get on their waiting lists and if you have Facebook like their kennel pages. My breeder friends will post dogs they are placing on their pages from time to time.

  • Hi JoAnn,

    The basenji Sisters have two females in California. You write abd discuss...?
    Let Julie or Kathy know I gave you the info.

    Good luck.

  • Also, you may place a request with FB BASENJIS For Sale: Golden Opportunity

    I've seen more availability on East Coast and in your area. The moderators are very helpful.


  • I am sorry for your loss. 😞

    contact Camp Basenji in Florida, as well as a facebook page for breeders listing dogs that are finished or didn't make it for showing. I forget the name but someone else here will give it.

    I should have scrolled down, helle devi gave it... 🙂

  • I live just outside of Pittsburgh and I recently got a basenji puppy from a wonderful breeder in Marion Ohio. I know that she’s placed three adults recently. Her name is Sue Kite of Klassic Basenji-(740) 262-6484. I can’t say enough good things about Sue and her partner Jeff. If she doesn’t have a dog I imagine she’ll be able to pass you along to her contacts. Good luck to you Make sure you use my name Melissa White.

  • @melw
    Thank you! I will contact Sue and let her know that you referred me to her!
    Jo Ann

  • @helle-devi
    Thank you for responding. I have already been in touch with the basenji sisters. I was not aware before I contacted them that they are located in CA. I think the distance between us is too great. If things didn’t work out between my basenji and one of their girls, the distance would be a problem. I did become a member on the Facebook site that you recommended. Thank you so much! I was unaware that such a site existed.
    Jo Ann

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