• Heyo.
    I've been doing research and thinking of getting a Basenji for some time now, sadly we lost our 12 year old Border Collie last christmas and I'm now looking for potential breeders.

    We live in NW England UK, but we are willing to travel. We are also willing to wait, not in any immediate rush.

    If anyone has or will have pups (or knows someone) please let me know!

  • Hi,

    I'm also looking for myself, living in the North East. Here is a list of registered breeders.


    Hope this helps!

  • Hey thanks a lot,
    I've messaged about 5-6 of the breeders on that website and still had no reply 😞
    I wasn't sure if they were just outdated, but i'll keep looking! x

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  • Yeah thanks, one of our last dog was a rescue from a puppy farm 😞 poor girl.

    I also contacted a few off the site you linked, with no luck.
    I found 1 breeder on the Kennel Club website who replied.
    So hopefully i'll have myself a pup with in a year 🙂

    Still looking for breeders as nothing has been set in stone yet

  • I am a member of Champdogs and any health tests listed on the Champdogs website have to be verified and backed up with the necessary paperwork. All of my health tests are listed. I am in no way a puppy farmer or a BYB!
    You can only list health tests if you are a paid up member. Breeders may be listed for free but only only have their own pages if they are a paid up members...this does NOT mean that they don't health test!

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  • @DebraDownSouth
    I don't understand why you are being so hostile! There was no PRA test for Elsa when I showed or bred from her but was tested for Fanconi and PPM. Yes, I still show and if you look more closely at my page you will see that Freya has been tested for PRA, PPM, Fanconi and hip scored. She also had a thyroid panel done before being bred from. Zola has not yet been bred from as she is too young so has not had all her tests done yet but has been hip scored and PRA tested. Two of my dogs have only just turned one year so have been too young to hip score thus far. I do my health testing in stages, as I decide to breed from them...or not.
    Have you checked the Zande database to see what I have bred or which of my dogs have been used at stud? Or even checked on the Champdogs website to see if my boys are listed as stud dogs?
    Unfortunately, many puppy farmers are KC listed here in the UK and have their puppies registered, so I'm afraid your argument falls flat on its face. Sadly, the UK KC requires NO mandatory health testing of Basenjis or even recognizes the testing that we do, so maybe you should check your facts or ask before accusing people of being rubbish breeders.

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  • @DebraDownSouth
    Really??? I don't know where you are getting your misinformation from. You seem to know who I am but continue to hide behind your moniker.
    The stud dogs I used ARE health tested and as far as I am aware Champdogs is a reputable website.
    May I suggest that you check your facts yet AGAIN and retract your libelous comments.

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  • Okay so I don't repeat myself over and over... please avoid puppymills/byb pages.
    Go only to the the basenji club for a list of breeders, use this link""

    Even THEN check out the breeders.

    As for champdogs site... when a site allows anyone to post if they pay a fee, not a good source. If all you need is a fee and one health test to be approved to be a member, not a good site if you are looking for well bred dogs from responsible breeders.

    Memtuka keeps protesting.. but this info is directly from her own pages. If she has more testing, then she lacks the professionalism to comprehend that people knowledgeable about breeding would never leave out tests, nor expect puppy buyers to look for further tests. As it is, it is woeful. As is her comment that she tests only if going to breed. A good breeder tests every single dog they produce and keep because they want to know what is in the line.

    In response to

    noodle a day ago reply quote
    Really??? I don't know where you are getting your misinformation from. You seem to know who I am but continue to hide behind your moniker.
    The stud dogs I used ARE health tested and as far as I am aware Champdogs is a reputable website.
    May I suggest that you check your facts yet AGAIN and retract your libelous comments.<<

    I am getting my info from YOUR OWN PAGES. So if your dogs are tested more than I wrote, may I suggest you correct YOUR PAGES which is where I got, and said I got, my info from. Libelous when it is your pages, that's pretty funny.

    All anyone has to do is click on each of your dog's individual pages and see you list only the testing I said, with only the import with significant testing.

    Too silly to even respond to the moniker comment.. from someone whose name here is "noodle". Most breeders here use their kennel or real names, btw.

    As for info on your own pages.. members can simply click and verify.. or check screencaps below. I do hope if you actually have more testing, you will care enough about the image you are portraying of a breeder who has almost no health testing done on your first bitch, nor any listed for the studs of the litters. Lazy or impressively uninformed about the importance, I don't know.

    2011 Litter:
    YOUR PAGE: ... Absolutely doesn't say sire is tested,on either litters YOU LIST.. see screen cap below. Her "health tested" lists only Fanconi. You say PPM, but it isn't listed. Sadly, you act like that is BIG..but yet, it isn't. Your import has testing, so it isn't like you aren't aware how much needs to be done. But again, you only list Fanconi. No PRA, hip, thyroid, heart, nothing else.

    Sire : Ch Zordia's Indiana Jones
    Dam : Zordia's Kinyamkela ShCM (Health Tested)
    Birth Date : 7th January 2011
    Contact my Breeder
    Health Tests
    Zordia's Kinyamkela ShCM
    Fanconi Syndrome : Probably Clear/Norm 2009
    Elsa's litter arrived in the early hours of 7th January. She had 4 very lively pups - 2 boys and 2 girls.<<

    Next litter, the IMPORTED bitch, yep health testing. But your page says "DAM TESTED"... nothing about sire being tested. If he really is, your job to note them, not "libelous" on my part to say what YOUR PAGE says:

    28th November 2015 - Basenji (Dam Health Tested)
    As said before your IMPORT is tested :::Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wild Child of Memetuka ShCM (Imp Fin)

    Sadly, the readers can click on each of your dogs to see the scant testing YOU listed:

    Our Dogs

    Ch Bulldobas Wild Child Of Memetuka (IMP FIN) ShCM - Basenji (Health Tested)
    Ch Memetuka Jabali ShCM - Basenji (Health Tested)
    : ::: the import: Hip Score : 3/4 = 7 - 29th May 2015
    PPM : CLEAR - 17th February 2015
    Fanconi Syndrome : CLEAR/NORMAL - 25th February 2014
    Bas_PRA1 : CLEAR/NORMAL - 11th February 2011

    Memetuka Cream O'the Crop - Basenji (Health Tested) Fanconi Syndrome : CLEAR/NORMAL - 22nd March 2017

    Memetuka Dealer's Choice - Basenji (Health Tested) Bas_PRA1 : CARRIER - 17th March 2016

    Memetuka Hi Roller - Basenji (Health Tested)Hip Score : 4/5 = 9 - 14th June 2017..... Bas_PRA1 : CARRIER - 17th March 2016

    Memetuka Juakali - Basenji (Health Tested) Fanconi Syndrome : Probably Clear/Norm 2011

    Memetuka Rize'n Shine - Basenji (Health Tested) Fanconi Syndrome : CLEAR/NORMAL - 22nd March 2017
    Zordia's Kinyamkela ShCM - Basenji (Health Tested): Fanconi Syndrome : Probably Clear/Norm 2009


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