Looking for Basenji Pup (UK)
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    I've been doing research and thinking of getting a Basenji for some time now, sadly we lost our 12 year old Border Collie last christmas and I'm now looking for potential breeders.

    We live in NW England UK, but we are willing to travel. We are also willing to wait, not in any immediate rush.

    If anyone has or will have pups (or knows someone) please let me know!

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    I'm also looking for myself, living in the North East. Here is a list of registered breeders.


    Hope this helps!

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    Hey thanks a lot,
    I've messaged about 5-6 of the breeders on that website and still had no reply :(
    I wasn't sure if they were just outdated, but i'll keep looking! x

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  • PLEASE avoid puppymill/byb pages like the champdogs one. For a list of breeders, use this link""

    The are some breeders, like Hicel, Memtuka, and Woodella, who on the champdogs but also listed in the GB Basenji Breeders page. Sometimes responsible breeders list on those sites for educational reasons, or if they have a few pet quality puppies and may need more homes than they lined up. However, best bet is to simply use the GB breed list. The good thing there is they know each other, they'll know who has puppies, and you can go to a local show and meet their dogs to get a feel for what they breed.

    On that site (champdogs), if you put in just HEALTH TESTED as a filter, on Memetuka is listed who is also on the GB Basenji Club. That is a bit alarming that the other two, Hicel and Woodella, don't list as health tested. Some of the breeders listed as health testing on that page have done nothing but fanconi. :(

    IOW, beware. Post potential ones and hopefully some UK folks here will know about the breeder.

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    Yeah thanks, one of our last dog was a rescue from a puppy farm :( poor girl.

    I also contacted a few off the site you linked, with no luck.
    I found 1 breeder on the Kennel Club website who replied.
    So hopefully i'll have myself a pup with in a year :)

    Still looking for breeders as nothing has been set in stone yet

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