• My husband and I are looking to become owner of a Basenji. We are based in Norwich but we don't mind travelling within the UK.

    We know that breeding usually takes place at a particular time of the year, could any breeders please get in touch to be put on waiting list?

    Would be living with 2 adults in a house with garden. This will be our first dog but we are used to dogs.
    Thanks in advance
    Roberta and Anjay

  • @Zande has a list of people waiting for Basenji's in the UK. Not sure how long it is at this point, but I would reach out and ask if she could assist you with updated information. Good Luck!

  • @elbrant Don't think that she has a list, she can give links for breeders... but will really be hard this time of year.

  • @tanza she has a long list of people wanting to get a Basenji puppy. As of yesterday it numbered 203. Which is unprecedented, normally 3 or 4 in a year.

    Some I have put in touch with breeders and they now have their dream dog (😍?). Others I have tried to dissuade as they obviously knew nothing about the breed and I tried to get them either back to the drawing board or into doing more research.

    Several have imported from other countries, only to find incorrect papers accompanied their pups and the kennel club here refuses to register them. Some are from health tested parents, some not. I try to persuade them to see health certificates of parents.

    I just hope all these pups end up in genuine loving homes and not as potential cash cows - for breeding stock to get on the bandwagon created by working from home.

    That is ending soon here and I worry our rescue service will become overwhelmed. Already puppies are appearing on for sale websites at exorbitant prices. Original purchasers looking for a profit ? The people to contact are our breed clubs and rescue coordinator

  • For all of you looking for a Basenji - Thnak out of the box, there is a whole world out there. When I lived in Hawaii, wanted a Basenji. None were in the USA. Got hold of a person in NZ and he found me one and for $2000 total cost ( dog and airfare ) I got my first Basenji.

    Portland, Org. USA

  • @morsesa At the moment so many people are breeding because of the demand, and scammers are rife. People are advertising puppies and taking deposits when there are no puppies. It is also a risk that puppies from some countries may not have the right papers and can't be registered. Also that no health tests have been done on the parents.

    It is not as easy to go outside the box these days.

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