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well had no word from the people and the post has been removed. hope the boy is going to be ok.

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Thanks so much, I'm just glad we had the time together and that we knew what was coming and could prepare for it. I'll always remember him how he was when I first got him and on our first beach trip.

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Rest in peace my little old grumpy man. I only had you for a year and four months and most all those months, aside from the first 2, you had health issues and bad habits ( due to said health issues- like eating my clothes, etc) but I still loved you and laughed at the majority of your antics and you hating being a backseat passenger.

I'm glad I got to spend today with you and take you for your last ride and steak hamburger and got to say goodbye on a nice green grassy spot with the cool breeze and the sun shining.

(Cairo was diagnosed with lymphoma back in July and exceed the dr's timeline. This morning he couldn't stand in bed and when I put him down on the floor he immediately fell over, then proceeded to go downhill. He could always find the energy and room for food and water.)

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I will if I hear back from the people, if they still have him. So far I haven't heard a peep from them.

Added- i just sent them another message via my work account. Hopefully they'll respond one way or another.

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My manager just alerted me to the this ad on craigslist. It's for a free male black and white basenji with no history. The person got it from other people who were going to take him to the pound. It says nothing about if he's good with cats and with the medical history a big ? I don't feel comfortable bringing him into my house, esp with the question of vaccines ( with Cairo having lymphoma/ not doing so well and the 3 cats.) I sent the poster an email with a link with BRaT's webpage but i don't have any numbers for the local people.

added- i might could go get him if possible, if he's still there. I have yet to hear back from the poster.

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Hi All,

Sorry for the delay in the update, things got a bit busy. So far Ru's been pain free and back to normal for a week now thank goodness. I was so going to take him back to the vet for xrays last monday as of saturday before last but the next day (sunday) he was back to his goofy goober self, loping and bouncing around. I've been keeping an eye on him since, every minute i'm with him and it seems he's all better… knock on wood. And i've been doing range of motion tests and massage just about everyday.

Thank you for all the ideas and comments. if anything remotely happens like this again or if he show any pain anywhere I'm going to investigate the heck out it and pursue and treatment necessary 🙂

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Quick update,

When I got home yesterday after work both Cairo and Rudo were waiting for me at the garage door. Rudo promptly leaned against me and offered his paw, though still couldn't quite look up at me. He yelped a couple of times during their after work walk, but seemed to be much more himself with his tail up and bouncing when trotting. And he got a bit better as the night went on, even looking back over his should at me when I stop the pats. This morning he seemed a bit better, but I'm going to keep a close eye on him over the weekend and keep the tramadol on board just in case.

The vet said the only thing she could do was to take Xrays to double check the chip placement and if Ru keeps having pain then I'll probably go that root. I also will try and have my friend who's a vet tech there come check him out if the pain persists. Since Ru would more than likely freeze at the vet again.

Thank you for the advice and comments 🙂

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I have caught a couple of clips on the ipad but it isn't the greatest and I'm going to try and get some more footage with my camera when I get home from work. I'm totally sure he hid the pain ( I wasn't sure at the vet at the time because I've never seen him so frozen and stiff) and I had to carry him in (he so wasn't going in on his own.)

Hopefully it is a pinched nerve that will clear up soon on it's own. It worries me though that the pain meds aren't working though. It also kind of makes me feel worse because I'm pretty sure he was abused before his former owners and BRaT got a hold of him, every time he hurts he looks at me like I had something to do with it and has started running or shying away from me.

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Hi all, i know it's been ages since I've posted on the forums, Cairo and Rudo have been keeping me busy.

Rudo had a dental done on Tues ( I think his first one in his 11.5 years) and was chipped. Thankfully he didn't need any extractions, but a couple of hours after being home he started yelping. Since then he hasn't been able to lift his head above shoulder level and when ever he moves or isn't curled in a ball and even sometimes when you just touch him he yelps ( not with every single step or movement but often.) I've been giving him tramadol (sp?) ever since tues evening (4 halves so far) and it hasn't done anything to help.

I took him back to the vet yesterday and he either hid the pain or was too petrified ( he's my 32lb cowardly lion/scooby doo) to show pain with the vet put him through range of motion tests, but shortly after we got back home he started yelping again. Normally he's goofy, bubbly, and very animated and will come up to you and look you in the eyes and either rub up against you or pet you for attention… Now he hangs his head and tail and walks very stiff afraid when the next stab of pain will come and looks at me like it's either me doing it to him or for help.

My only thought was that it might be the microchip in a nerve cluster or something like that but the vet told be there's none where they generally put the chips and it has an anti-migration device. I'm just wondering if new nerves or scare tissue could be there because i was told that when Ru was a youngster he was attacked by 3 big dogs and need over 100 stitches in his shoulder/back area... I don't know. Or could it be fibromyalgia or something else?

I'm really starting to wish I'd never dropped him off on Tues... I wish I knew what to do to help him.

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Debra~ yes i have been giving him 50ml subQ treatments every other day since his first results came in. The vet wants me to continue for the time being. I'm hoping with a change in diet (going to start with the prescription and then maybe switch over to home-cooked low protein chicken, fish, and eggs with veggies, oatmeal/brown rice) I can eventually not need to do the subQ treatments, if his levels go down enough.

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