• Hi,

    I'm Beth…I've been lurking on the boards for a bit and thought I should go ahead and make it official ;). I've had the honor of growing up with a basenji. Princess (I was six) was my best friend from 1986-2003 and I still miss her. I've been wanting another basenji for the past 6 years but haven't seriously looked til this year when I was finally able to buy a house.

    I've been checking the BRaT site almost monthly over the last few years and managed to find a B for close friend's of the family who's B (Princess younger aunt) had passed away. Over this year I've been checking it weekly, sometimes daily. I do have an application on file and had a good home visit, but so far I've been passed over twice and now possibly a third time. I've also emailed a couple of breeders in neighboring states about adopting young/ adults but there have been no replies.

    I'm starting to loose hope.

    I'm looking for/ need a cat friendly (good with elderly cats), non-house destructive (I'd prefer to not have to crate while at work, but could block off the kitchen with a 41" gate) , and preferably male 2-6 years old.

    Edit- I forgot to add that if there are other organizations or groups that deal with rescue I'd be interested in finding out more, to broaden the search. I'm just really hoping it doesn't take another year or more to find the right basenji.

  • Please check out forum… Robyn has a few nice great young adults if you are considering older than pups! The cat friendly is the part that is a problem and getting a puppy may really be your best bet... and pups aren't common with BRAT. Check the breeder section, some litters are in the works! 🙂

  • Welcome,Beth. I do hope you soon find your Basenji.

  • Debra, thanks for the info…I'll be sure to keep an eye out on these forums. I know the cat part is the main problem, but it's a must. And I was kind of hoping for older because of Nova and Calypso being 11 years old (still very spry and spunky.) I'm not completely opposed to a puppy though.

    Thanks for the welcome, Patty :).

  • If I am not mistaken - Robyn's dogs are raised with cats so perhaps not a problem.

    go to http://www.sherwoodbasenjis.com/

    see her adults then drop her a line. don;t wait for her to get online - she might be busy.

  • @sinbaje:

    If I am not mistaken - Robyn's dogs are raised with cats so perhaps not a problem.

    go to http://www.sherwoodbasenjis.com/

    see her adults then drop her a line. don;t wait for her to get online - she might be busy.

    Exactly, they are rasied with cats and she is not all that far from you, give her a call or send her an email

  • Definitely contact Robyn. Her's are raised with cats and have very nice temperments.

  • Hi Beth, welcome to the forum! If you happened to see the thread about the tri-color boy in Daytona Beach, and if you are interested, I will definitely go get him for you.

    The advantage to one of Robyn's dogs is that they have been trained, they are well socialized, and adorable. She is a wonderful breeder that is conscientious about their health issues, and you will get a beautiful addition to your family! (I'm not sure if Tug is still available, but he's adorable!!!)

    The advantage (to you) for the boy in Daytona Beach is… err... well.... none? Perhaps knowing that you are rescuing a dog that needs to be rescued. I don't know why he was surrendered, or his health background, or who his breeder is... so, he's truly an unknown.

    PM me if this dog interests you! Patty

  • Sorry for the delay in response, I don't know why but I stopped getting email alerts from the forums.

    Anywho, I checked out Robyn's site and the two young adult males she has posted are rough on cats…so I'm not sure that will work. After the initial introductory period, I'd like to the stress levels to a minimum for all parties. They're beautiful but might be a bit too high energy for my old girls (they've had some experience with dogs, but it's been a few years.) I didn't see Tug listed.

    I really like the idea of rescuing, helping give a home to the homeless....but I need to know how they are with cats, dogs, and other people.

  • Hi Beth… I have to ask... is your avatar you when you were little with your Princess? What a BEAUTIFUL picture!

    I will be going to Daytona either today or tomorrow to meet this little boy… and there may be another dog there that is a female b. Stay tuned! 🙂

  • Hi Patty, Yes that's me when I was 6 or 7 with Princess. It's was taken by a local newspaper at my 4-H group's show and tell your pets. The shirt I was wearing said Happiness is a Basenji.

    Do let me know about the Tri Boy, he is very cute.. I hope he is good with cats.

    Also just to put it out there I do have a 3rd cat, Diona. I rescued her last fall as a companion to the 2 girls (since they're both getting up there in age.) I haven't mentioned her yet because I'm not really concerned with her getting along with a B. She's dog friendly and pretty much loves anything that has fur. D is more of an animal cat vs a people cat. I can see her playing with the new B.

  • Welcome to the forum Beth, hope you find your Basenji soon.
    Just be aware that even if the Basenji you get is said to be good with Cats it will try it on with yours for sure 😉
    Our girl has been discouraged from chasing or nipping/pawing our cats but still tries to chase others.
    We found a quick squirt from a hidden water bottle did the trick.
    I have had a look at your Cat pics, they are very beautiful.

  • I could never train mine not to chase stray cats but they have always got on with cats of our own.

    My first experience was introducing a kitten into our Basenji family - it wasn't easy but (as Shelley) I found a water squirter a good tool. I introduced the kitten as though he were another Basenji - very gradually and with love and fusses for Bs and cat alike. It took time and I had to be constantly alert for the first few months but eventually they all settled.

    When Sammy died the Basenjis mourned him as one of their own.

  • Thanks Shelly, I hope I find one too. As far as cats go, Princess would chase stranger cats too though wouldn't mess with "her own". And squirt bottles work well for cats and basenjis a like lol.. I have no problems using those when needed.

  • I just stumbled into this thread. Thanks for the kind words about my dogs. You guys are making me blush. :o

    The two yearling boys that I have available are rough on cats and there is no way they would stay behind a baby gate. Both are cate-trained though and with a little work could be controlled around cats. Jozie, the adult female I have available, is very well behaved. She has a few personality quirks but is a sweet, gentle girl with women that she knows.

  • We have two of Robyn's dogs and they are fantastic. (And so is Robyn!) Robyn's Jozie is the sister of our male, Jayden. We got our two from her when they were each almost a year old and it was great. They were crate trained, house broken, and socialized. Both love cats. (as long as they don't run…which a cat usually does when it discovers that it has strayed into a yard with two basenjis. They just want it to stay and play.)
    We love Robyn and her crew!

    Cory and Jayden

  • Robyn, you have some of the best looking Bs I've seen and I'll be sure to keep them in mind. I'm still a little hesitant about the cats, it only takes a moment for something to happen. Not saying it would, but you never know. The girls can be a little flighty especially with the doorbell, vacuum, and other loud noises. I don't mind putting work into a new family member though.

    At this point I'm willing to wait a while, I was so hoping to have a B by Thanksgiving and then by Xmas, but it's just not in the cards. My parents had to wait for me for 2 yrs, I can do the same for a new member of my family ( so I'll give it another year.)

  • Though I know you say you would prefer a male, you may want to give some serious thought to Jozie.

  • I'm hoping to be able to take the new addition with me to work (on occasion), friends' houses, dog parks, training classes, and to see an extremely close friend of the family/ surrogate grandfather who lives in a nursing home (his dog passed away a couple of years ago while he was hospitalized before having to go into the home.) I'm not sure how Jozie would do with all the men.

  • With all of your expectations, it may not be possible to find an adult dog that fits the bill. Quite honestly, very few dogs of any breed would be absolutely comfortable with the long list of expectations that you have. It would be best to think about what things are absolutely must haves and what are just might be nice. If all the things are non-negotiable then a dog may not be right for you at this time. Even getting the best bred puppy and raising it with the best methods is no garuntee that it will have all those qualities.

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