Looking for Basenji for family

Hello, I have been searching for some time now for a Basenji to add to our "pack" (okay, our family). We have three children, and a small dog named Albert. My first dog ever was a Basenji so I definitely know what we're getting into 🙂 We are an active-duty military family and live on a Navy Base just outside of New Orleans, LA, with a fenced yard for play, and just around the corner from the dog park. My husband is gone a lot but the rest of us are home. That being said, as we are a military family, we cannot afford an expensive dog. We have discounted veterinary care available to us on the base, and have unlimited love. If anyone has any information to provide, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

First Basenji's


If the initial price of acquiring a dog is a concern, would you be willing to consider a rescue? BRAT has dogs of all ages, including young puppies, and I believe the max adoption fee they ask for young dogs is $375. A pup like this one, for example, might fit your family's needs. If not that dog specifically, you should keep an eye on the other available listings because it's frequently being updated. It doesn't hurt to fill out an application and let them know what you're looking for.

I am absolutely open to BRAT! In fact, I already have an adoption application in. I have put in requests for both Curry or Chili (quite the spice rack of Basenji names!) I haven't heard back yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed 🆒

Welcome. I hope your rescue b does come along soon. We will all share in your joy!

We are picking up our new (well, she's 7, but new to us!) Basenji this weekend. I will be sure and post pictures after she's all settled in. Thanks to everyone for all of your help : ) We really excited to bring her into our family!

Congratulations! We'll look forward to hearing a report and seeing pictures.

Oh yes, once you get settled do send photos to us. Is she a BRAT basenji?

Congrats. Hope to see pics. 😃

First Basenji's

Yay! Looking forward to pictures.

And coincidentally…BRAT contacted me this evening about my application! But yes, the dog is Cherry's Fancy : )


Congratulations on the new family member 😃

Who is Cherry's Fancy?

Her name is Fancy, but comes from a lady named Cherry : )

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