Looking for a Basenji dog

Hi there, I am looking to get a Basenji dog and wanted to see if someone on here might know a Basenji breeder in the UK? 🙂
Thanks, Helena

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You will be lucky !! So are hundreds of other people. But you could put your name on a list for next winter or in 2 years time

Email me and I will give you breed club details. Address can be found in websites on signature block.

And while you are about it, tell me where you live and a bit about your knowledge of the breed and circumstances. Kids, garden, home all day etc. Makes it easier to advise you.

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Hi! Hope you don’t mind me jumping in the thread for a bit of advice. My partner and I are also hoping to find a basenji puppy in the future but found it tricky so far just finding breeders to talk to. We live in Bristol, are you able to point us in the right direction. We’re aware of waiting times and happy to wait. Thank you!

Email me privately. Address in signature block websites. But this is not a year to be thinking about Basenji puppies. And lists for next year are being compiled by some breeders.

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