• We are looking for a basenji to add to our family! I am having no luck looking we are in southern Wisconsin but willing to travel to a reputable Breeder! Any help is appreciated

  • widen your search. We lived in Hawaii and got our Basenji in New Zeland.

  • I’m also looking for a puppy in southern Wisconsin. Will travel

  • Hi, I got my male basenji named "Simba" and he is beautiful! The breeders name is Leo. I post a lot of my basenji photos on my instagram @kittenshkat if you want to see. His names registered with the BCOA. Basenji Club of America and the [AKC Puppy Finders] website.(https://marketplace.akc.org/breeder/FrenchBulldogPuppiesFL/basenji/coming-soon )

    Tampa, Florida
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  • @bryan-tintes
    Let me know if you come up with anything! Seems almost impossible!

  • Are you specifically looking for a puppy, or would an older dog fit the bill? You might find one in Basenji rescue, or perhaps a breeder that has an older dog they want to place. Pups are typically born in the fall, so it may be hard to locate one at this time of year, but you might want to contact breeders about future litters if you can wait a bit.

  • @morsesa
    I would literally have no idea where to start with that and would be very nervous about scams ☹

  • @Bryan-Tintes, @abmyir said in Looking for a basenji puppy!!:

    ... have no idea where to start ...

    I found my Basenji by going to the local dog show. The county I live in has a "Kennel Club" that organizes an annual dog show. I was trying to decide on the right breed for my personality and lifestyle, I really liked the Basenji breed except for size (I couldn't visualize how big/small the dogs were)... I went to the local dog show just to see one in person and was lucky enough to meet and chat with the breeder at the dog show. I got her information and (fast forward 5 years) brought home an amazing dog! Absolutely perfect (in my eyes and heart).

    So... where to start? Look local.
    Where is your closest Kennel Club located? email and ask if they have any members with Basenjis.
    Call, email nearby Veteranarians: do they know anybody that breeds Basenjis?

    Yes, you can look online on sites like Petfinder, PetHarbor, etc. but that's a lot of time hunting for a needle in a haystack. I'm not saying you won't be lucky and find that needle... just that it can take a long time.

    There are a few rescues that specialize in Basenji's. You are most likely going to get an adult Basenji (which isn't a bad thing) and they typically help with transportion if the distance is an issue.

    Bear in mind, @eeeefarm is right. Bringing home a puppy may mean waiting until next "season" which will be near the new year. Don't fret though, you can use the time in between to find the right breeder and develop a relationship with them. Meanwhile, learn everything you can! 🙂

  • @elbrant

    Great information thank you so much!

  • We lived in Hawaii when we wanted a Basenji, looked all over the USA, nothing, so we searched NZ and found our Basenji.
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  • .......“or would an older dog fit the bill? You might find one in Basenji rescue, or perhaps a breeder that has an older dog they want to place. “

    There’s a lot to be said about getting an older dog. I had my heart set on getting a Basenji puppy. The breeder happen to have a 1 year old female that was returned to her. She said the “puppy stage is short lived and not what it’s cracked up to be.” She convinced me to @ least meet her. Love at first sight - she picked us -never looked back - blessing in disguise - this dog was meant to be ours.

  • @abmyir I realize that Wisconsin is quiet a distance from Texas but this is an available young purebred Basenji: Ketu on rescueme.org

    note: this link may not work in the future
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  • Make sure that regardless if you get a puppy or adult that they are DNA tested for Fanconi or that the sire/dam have been. This information about the DNA test is public knowledge and can be found at www.ofa.org.
    As noted, breeding season for Basenjis is in the Fall so finding a puppy from a responsible breeder this time of year is pretty slim. Now is the time to talk to breeders, find out their plans for a litter and get on their reservation list. Stay away from sites like puppyfind.com and the like as typically these are not responsible breeders. Above all, do your homework and research any breeder. I will update this with there are a few responsible breeders that will put advertisements on this site to try and encourage people to research breeders

  • @abmyir We lived in Hawaii and could not find one in US back in 1960 so we got ours from N.Z Cost was $2000 air but he was worth all of it. 0_1588544922226_BasenjiPurebredDogPukkanutWelcomeNuggetKoa6YearsOld.jpg

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