Looking for a Basenji Puppy western Canada

  • Hi,
    Im looking for a Basenji puppy, preferable female. I live in Edmonton, AB and since reading about the Basenji I think it would be a great addition to our family. I am hoping to find a breeder in Canada but am open to options in western North America. I am looking for a family pet so I am not stuck on having papers but am more concerned about temperament and personality. There seem to be few options in western Canada, please reach out if you know of anyone that has a puppy available in this years litter or next years. Thanks

  • Hello, go to www.basenji.org and search for breeders... by state and there are some from Canada... you are most likely looking at possible breedings for fall/winter of 2020. Note however it is IMPORTANT that you go to a responsible breeder so registration papers are important as many BYB's use other types of registrations that are not registered by AKC or the Canadian Kennel club and you need to follow up on health testing youself... if they are doing responsible health testing before breeding the results are public at www.ofa.org. This is important in order to find a responsible breeder... that health tests before breeding here is a link on how to find and interview and find a responsible breeder... and this is important...https://www.basenji.org/learn/ScreeningBreeders.htm

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