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Appreciate all the advice.

Debra, sorry I didn't mean to come off like that … what I should have/meant to say was that it's difficult for me to wrap my head around this situation (feels like I've come home to a different dog), not that I can't accept it. I'm hearing all the advice loud and clear and I really appreciate it, was just looking for some guidance from people who have been through this before... I was worried about taking wrong steps and making the situation even worse.

I think you're right - once we're able to move back into my house it will definitely be easier to get her in a routine and I'll go from there, I'm not sure if she was getting enough exercise while I was gone either which could explain why she's a little more on edge.

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Very good point Chealsie, I think I focused too much on the why… but I was just trying to give people an idea of how this situation may have developed and was looking for any insights on the best way to fix the problem. I can't accept that Basenji's just get this way with age, I've had friends with dangerous/power breeds that got along great with every dog so with proper training I don't see why my girl can't either.

Maybe I'll look for a local trainer.

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My girl is spayed yes, I believe at 7-8 months or so… I followed the breeders instructions on timing.

I've actually not been to the dog park with her since about a year ago, but when we went she was never aggressive or overwhelmed whether there was 1 other dog or 8, the more dogs the more she got to run...

In walking her we've only walked past a couple dogs (staying out of the city right for a few weeks) and she has gotten her haunches up and snarled both times, my family told me shes been doing this with every dog since shortly after I left so I wondered if maybe that was a trigger... my family has never been confident/pack leader with her, they are very passive whereas I am the opposite.

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Right, the dogpark isn't essential but its only a block away and it's two city blocks (I live downtown) so it's really the only viable place I can let her offleash.

While we can phase out the dogpark, I'd really like it if she could at least get along with other dogs that pass by on walks/runs… it feels like I've come home to a different dog.

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Hi all,

Backstory: My girl just turned 3 and I've had her since she was 8 weeks. I used to take her to the off-leash dog park virtually every day for her first 2 years and she never aggressive, but I had to relocate to Europe for work and have recently returned after being gone 13 months.

While I was away my sister stayed at my house and looked after my girl for me with the help of my parents, but they warned me she has started to become aggressive towards other dogs. I didn't believe them as they used to tell me this when I was in town but I never had any issues with her being aggressive. The last two days I've had her out and as soon as she sees another dog…the ridge on her back is up and she starts snarling and even tried to bite a dog that got close to her.

Based on what I've read this might be related to her taking an alpha role when I'm not around, and since I've been gone for so long shes assumed that role full time.

Not sure what the best way to fix this is? She also has been staying with 2 other incredibly passive dogs (labs) and gets along with them without any problems.

Appreciate any input so I can return to the off-leash parks, thanks!

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Thanks for the replies.

She isn't fat by any means, I was just curious as to how much other basenji's eat but you all bring up some good points regarding size/food. I've recently moved her onto Orijen fish, before that she was eating Timberwolf.

I just measured her, shes 16.5" at the withers.

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Not sure which is the most appropriate forum for this, anyways…

On two occasions with my old leash she was able to get off (I have no idea how).... we were walking and she became loose. I took the leash back to the store and explained what happened, they gave me credit towards a new leash which has a stronger snap, but she has done the same thing with the new leash two times. This morning I turned to walk and she wasn't attached, luckily she was sniffing the ground and was oblivious that she was free.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I don't know if its a fluke I have two defective leashes that are different styles from different companies or if my dog is a genius :). The only solution I can think of is to have 2 leashes on her at a set time which isn't ideal, or use something without a snap that is permanently attached to her collar (and unfasten the collar when we get home).

These are the two leashes I've tried so far, and all the leashes I've seen in various stores look pretty much the same in regards to the snap.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated, thanks!

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A couple people have commented on my girl saying she is very big for a Basenji and I'm curious how much others feed their Basenjis.

She's turning 1 in a few weeks, and she weighs 25 lbs. I feed her a shade under 1 cup of dry food twice a day.

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What the puppy trainer taught me (and it's worked for me) is when she pulls I simply stop walking, and then wait until I can get her attention by saying her name once or she will look back to see why I've stopped walking. Tap your pant leg and call her back and when she gets to you praise her. She often walks in front of me and the trainer told me that should be acceptable (it has nothing to do with dominance) as long as she isn't pulling and I decide when/where we go.

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Very true tanza, I took her to some trails on the weekend so its likely something may have bit her…

I talked to the vet, going to monitor her for the next couple days and if it continues I'll take her in but I/we don't think its anything too serious 🙂

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