Looking for young/puppy Basenji

Hey there, I am finally no longer travelling for work and can adopt a Basenji! I am located on the Gulf Coast and am having some difficulty finding breeders in my area. I run constantly and live in a very dog friendly area that would be amazing to share with a Basenji. All help is appreciated.

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Life is full of changes. What would you do if you were suddenly traveling again? Or if your activity level changed? Would you look for a new home for the dog?

Not at all! I have family and friends who would be more than willing to help. My work travel in the future will be limited to a week at most as well.

Glad things are settling down for you. Now is a great time to get on breeders puppy lists. Go to the Basenji Club and contact breeders in states close enough for traveling to. If you're interested in a bit older, be sure to ask if they have any or know of another breeder who may have gotten a puppy back that didn't work out. Good luck in your search.

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