Looking for a puppy Basenji in/near Turkey Rep.

  • I can travel to pick it up. Colour does not matter.
    Greece, Bulgaria, Romania would not be problem.
    I have contacted almost all the Turkish owners but couldnt find any puppy.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Have you thought about further afield, and air transporting? This is a way to take advantage of the "puppy season", but make sure of the breeding and a non-rabies heritage is worth it.

  • Did you talked? we should talked if you talk all Basenji owner in Turkey 🙂 For Turkey it is a big headache but I take my baby from out of country. and you can fly with Turkish airlines. not a big regulation for cabin travel. Good luck!!!

  • @Redial thanks but I dont trust air transporting. No puppy would want to be carried by an airplane w/o its owner. thanks anyway. I would prefer to go and get it by my car...

    @caner yes we talked.

  • I have travelled with dogs on planes, and, in Australia, we are not allowed dogs in the cabins. On long haul flights, like to Honolulu and rest of USA, they must fly in the hold. Prior preparation and planning prevents pxxx-poor performance!

  • @manowarion By car should be so difficult and hard for you and puppy. THY allow to take in cabin next to you.

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